Anna Khilkevich is resting without a husband

Анна Хилькевич отдыхает без мужа
The actress went to Dubai with her daughter and mother.

Анна Хилькевич отдыхает без мужа

Anna Khilkevich

After returning from the January vacation in Thailand, Anna Khilkevich decided
repeat stay-this time without her husband. “Last time did not work completely
relax,” says the actress. Now Anya in the company of mothers and daughters
flew to Dubai. Alas, “women’s team” was not lucky with the weather, in the Emirates now
windy and overcast. But the star does not lose hope: “I Hope the photos in
the swimsuit we all will.”

But Khilkevich with the female half of his family visited all the famous places in Dubai. “To sleep in the stroller around the
the tall buildings in the world — is. And my daughter fell asleep right before the entrance to the shopping
center, so my mother was left without a new pair of shoes, ‘ said Anne. — Well done daughter, I would say our dad.”

Anna Khilkevich

In addition, Anna every day to please its subscribers bright pictures
my baby Arianna. “When I was pregnant
and I said it would be
the girl, not that upset
I’m a little confused and even twice went to the ultrasound because they did not understand how to raise
the girl, says Lee. — Well, boyfriend, at that time, I was all
more or less clear, but with a girl… But now it’s different. Peck, zanimaju, for any my little Button”.