Жена Владислава Завьялова. Личная жизнь, биография

Any presenter needs to be well-read and erudite to competently and beautifully to build speech and drawing attention of viewers to the screen. No doubt, such qualities attractive in a normal life, as we know, women love with their ears. However, in some cases, and it doesn’t work. For example, it is still unknown who the wife of Vladislav Zavyalov. Despite a beautiful voice, which is often voiced of the heroes of the films, official information about his girlfriend is still not in the media.

		Жена Владислава Завьялова. Личная жизнь, биография

Vladislav Zavyalov while working on voice acting

The charismatic TV host still remains (or at least considered) idle. What are the reasons for such a long loneliness?

A wide audience, the man known for the program “Morning of Russia”. Despite the fact that his co-host was often very interesting girls, personal life of Vladislav Zavyalov remains a mystery. Vladislav himself about it almost does not apply, giving rise to numerous rumors.

Irina Muromtseva

This woman has long been Zavyalova co-host on the morning show on the channel Russia-1. It is not surprising that soon the fans of the morning news decided it was nice interacting in the air people probably in real life in love with each other. Leading themselves reacted to this rumor with humor and wrapped it up in benefit. Easy, non-committal flirting and subtle hints of relations raised the rating of the program.

		Жена Владислава Завьялова. Личная жизнь, биография

Photo: Irina and Vladislav

However, in 2012 it became known that Irina has married, and her new family is waiting for replenishment. Due to pregnancy last partner for Vladislav.

Elena Lander

On the innocent woman was hit by a barrage of audience complaints. Many fans wanted to see next to the journalist Irina. Despite the fact that there are leading behaved as professionally and discreetly, without hinting at any relationship except business, the audience decided that the new presenter is also a wife of Vladislav Zavyalov. In the photo below together they begin the evening news.

		Жена Владислава Завьялова. Личная жизнь, биография

Vladislav and Elena

But Zavialov were totally unable to compete with the husband of Elena. It appeared to be an Israeli businessman named Thomas lander. There is a pair of and daughter Estelle, and in the near future they plan to have children. Vladislav Zavyalov is idle.


In the minds of all watching the personal life of Vladislav Zavyalov has developed a simple formula: if a journalist does not pay attention to the women around him enough, so he is interested in men. Of course, most men like the questions in the interview cause irritation and aggression. How can, he tries to refute such rumors calmly and convincingly.

“Actually, I really dream about real family, – said Vladislav, – the children”

But while all this remains only a dream, and the presenter is much more common to see receptions and celebrations accompanied by someone from colleagues than on the arm of a girl. And their children Vladislav Zavyalov calls the three nephews with whom spends a lot of free time. Looks like he really loves children.

		Жена Владислава Завьялова. Личная жизнь, биография

Vladislav Zavyalov with colleagues


Many are trying to find any reason so long of loneliness in childhood and adolescence Vladislav. However, his biography is hardly extensive, it affects the secrecy of men. It is known that he was born in Rostov-on-don, but after the breakup of his parents together with his mother moved to Kiev.

The capital of Ukraine, where a journalist spent 10 years left in his memory beloved and beautiful city to call home.

A student he was very diligent, and of civil engineering of the University were issued with the red diploma in hand. Already during his studies he started to think about a career related to TV. Already having formal education, he went to the second in the Institute of Television and Radio broadcasting, where he became a specialist to conduct a live broadcast. He was lucky to learn from masters of their craft, Igor Kirillov.