Wife Alexei Morozov

		Жена Алексея Морозова

To win silver at the Olympic games 1998 double world champion Alexei Morozov managed with the same ease with which he got the heart of his wife. Wife of Alexey Morozova Irina 18 years as a happy marriage with him, and judging by the large number of children in the family, their marital happiness after so many years still as great as immediately after the wedding.

At that time, how many stars try to hide their relatives from the sight of the cameras, Alex he shares his photos online: here they celebrate the anniversary of a marriage, that’s going to the amusement Park.

		Жена Алексея Морозова

The Morozov family at Disneyland

Fate is very strongly reduced while still very young Irina and Alexei, though their life paths were meant to cross. For the first time the man saw his wife near the entrance of the house, where he waited for his friend. He had only just turned 21, and about international fame hockey player could only dream of. Alex had to leave the city, but after a week he ran into a girl at the supermarket, where he decided to meet her. A month later Morozov once again had to fly to America, but the separation did not last long, and already the New Year Alex has made to Irina the hand and heart.

		Жена Алексея Морозова

Photo: newlyweds Morozov

Of the United States, which has caused the engagement, the bride and groom arrived in Moscow to register their marriage. Due to exceptional circumstances, they were able to expedite the application process, and to wait, when will expire the required two months, I have not.

		Жена Алексея Морозова

The 18-year anniversary of the marriage

Like her husband, Irene was born February 16, only two years later.

Do friends say that the pair are remarkably similar in terms of musical tastes, and in their views of the world around. Personal life Alexei Morozov now consists of his wife and four children. The older girl Nastya 9 September 2018 was nine years old. In the photo below she is celebrating her birthday.

		Жена Алексея Морозова

Nastya Morozova

Alex actually spends a lot of time with my family, and this is commendable: it is rare when celebrities find so much time to close. In social networks appear regularly not only photos of the hockey player with hockey stick in hand rushes to the gate, but the warm family photos showing how the rest Morozov. Only recently, Instagram Alexei appeared a photo on which he takes his wife with a package from the hospital.

		Жена Алексея Морозова

Photo: the completion of the Morozov family

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