The wife of Nicholas Karachentsova has told about his health

Жена Николая Караченцова сообщила о его самочувствии
This winter the car at which wheel there was a wife of the famous actor Nikolay Karachentsov has got to road accident, at that time in the car was the actor himself.

Жена Николая Караченцова сообщила о его самочувствии

12 years ago Karachentsov has got a traumatic brain injury in the accident, after which the month was in a coma.

Lyudmila Porgina coming on the show “Andrey Malakhov. Live” and talked about the health of her husband.

Жена Николая Караченцова сообщила о его самочувствии

“Imagine, 12 years to fight for human life, to drink, to sit down and kill all four of you and myself too? And for what it is? I have a long day. In the morning I scored the trunk with wine, vodka, champagne, whiskey to bring to the restaurant for the Wake… All crashed, we don’t know how much was lying. The car rolled over several times and lay on its side. All the coat in the blood, vodka, wine, whiskey. We breathed, was all wet,” – said the woman.

To the question why the actor won’t do knee surgery, Polina replied that he just did not survive.

“Tell you in person. The work done. He will survive, but recover can’t. He has no physical capacity to go through the rehabilitation period, to make the artificial joint. So we go. And we are not of that go bad, but because we had an epileptic fit when you were with him, wrote the picture, and are unable to make an injection of Relanium. You know, he was one seizure, the second, the third. After that, he burned the nerve endings in the head, and he lost his left arm and left leg,” replied the woman.

Karachentsov we wish a speedy recovery and reconstruction after an accident.

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