Marinya Yakovlev revealed details of the secret wedding of the son

Мариня Яковлева поделилась подробностями тайной свадьбы сына
Recently held an interview with the Honored artist of Russia Marina Yakovleva, in an interview with reporters, the actress openly answered their questions.

Мариня Яковлева поделилась подробностями тайной свадьбы сына

It turned out that the son Yakovleva were married, and the celebration was quiet, just for loved ones. Marina shared with reporters the details for the wedding of his heir.

“John rented an apartment, then came to live with me, said, I will save up for the wedding. It cost a lot, but he did! Maybe by someone’s standards, a little, but – right. And invited us, mom, as guests. We have prepared the gifts, congratulated. Children are asked: do not have any traditional rituals. But we still met them with an icon, with bread and salt,” said the actress.

The celebrity admitted that it was the attention to detail, and for financial support to her son and not addressed.

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