There are rumors about leaving the program “Wait for me” from the First channel

Ходят слухи об уходе программы "Жди меня" с Первого канала
Now, twenty years on the First channel viewers are watching the stories of the heroes of the program “Wait for me”.

Ходят слухи об уходе программы "Жди меня" с Первого канала

But the recent news has alarmed many fans. According to information, the show can go on television, as he still has not renewed the contract.

“This is early information, not that premature, and even strange, do not know where she went. We change the leader, that’s all we know. We have not yet extended the contract with the First channel, but this is a question for lawyers. Still the contract was not extended, we await the decision from the channel,” said chief editor of the program, Yulia Bodinya.

It is worth noting that at the end of August it became known about the withdrawal from the project lead Alexander galibina.

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