The wife of guitarist didula sues Zazu Napoli

Жена гитариста Дидюли подает в суд на Зазу Наполи Singer ЕVгеника going to fight for the rights to the song “flashing Lights”. According to the singer, infamous for Zaza Napoli performs her smash hit and even included the song in one of their releases.
Жена гитариста Дидюли подает в суд на Зазу Наполи

In your recently released album, “It’s possible” Vladim Kazantsev, better known in the world of show business under the alias Zaza Napoli, included the song “Lights” from the debut album of the singer ЕVгеники “Optimist”. And, as it turned out, made it completely illegal.

The song “flashing Lights” from the album ЕVгеники didulja “Optimist” and the eponymous clip, in which one of the roles was played by Gosha Kutsenko have done in the Internet a lot of noise. This song singer always sings at all her concerts, and she has always enjoyed huge success thanks to the extraordinary actuality. Moreover, on the eve of presidential elections of the song is very ambiguous refrain, “Or Dima, or Vova – I agree on any!” clearly has a great future.

However, as it turned out, the hit ЕVгеники liked and infamous Zaza Napoli, which not only continuously performs at its own concerts and included the track on his album “It is possible”. However, the author of music – guitarist and composer Valery didulja and his wife, singer ЕVгеника – believe that “you can’t.”

“We have repeatedly tried to contact the girl first and to Express their well-founded claims, but it is not communicate and the letters did not respond, says ЕVгеника. – If in the near future, we will not be able to establish the constructive dialogue, in spite of our Valera principles, we will have to turn to official institutions”.

About three years ago Valery didulja has encountered a similar problem. Then with a request to compose a song for the Belarusian participant of “Eurovision” max Lawrence approached the future soloist of the updated “Pesnyary” Andrew Eronin (at that time he had not yet sang, and were mainly engaged in production). Didyulya composed the music, was asked to write the words of his friend and colleague Joe Turner, made the arrangement. And when Max Lawrence in the end the national selection lost, Didyulya wrote Russian lyrics and put it up for sale. Imagine his surprise when quite by accident in one of the karaoke clubs he saw that he wrote a song “Boat” once upon a time takes the same Andrew Eronin. Numerous attempts to call the swindler to order so it does not over. However, in the case of Zaza Napoli and Valery didulja, and Eugenics are going to go to the end.