The ex-wife of Andrei Giulana revealed the secret of his phenomenal weight loss

Экс-супруга Андрея Гайдуляна раскрыла секрет феноменального похудения A few weeks it became known that the actor is divorcing wife Diane Ochilboy. Fans of the pair have long noted that the girl was much thinner just a few months. She told me how she did it.

A few weeks on the Network vigorously debated the divorce of actor Andrew Giulana and his lady Diana Ochilboy. The former spouse has not officially commented on the breakup, but friends of the pair confirmed the breakup between Andrew and Diana. Presumably the star of “Univer” cheated on his wife.

Also the reason for the rumors around former lovers was the fact that ochilova noticeably thinner. The girl literally melted only a few months. Diana told how she managed to achieve the perfect figure.

“I tortured myself for over 5 years with diet, exercise stress and constant carbohydrate breakdown. The results were negligible. Like all at once, and most importantly, that the result was instantaneous. How many tears, and only one question: “Where is she, the well-known willpower, about which so much talk?” I have not once tried to bribe, persuade, motivate: “Come together – together easier. And entreaties of her husband, and it was very painful. After all, first and foremost, I wanted to lose weight for him!” – shared with fans ochilova.

According to Diana, to find harmony with myself and my body helped her nutritionist. He explained to her where we should start.

“This man found a key. He didn’t say something new and special, he just pointed out where to start. And you should start it with his head! As it turned out, to lose weight for someone and for something impossible. First and foremost, it is necessary to do for themselves. I figured out what I want in this life, but still don’t know how to come to this goal. This goal has excited in me a frantic excitement, in which the thirst for weight loss Merkle compared with the true purpose. But the main theme of the day became more ambitious values,” said the girl.

Ochilova stressed that do not engage in sports during weight loss. In her opinion, the main secret lies in the complete abandonment of harmful products.

“I stopped looking for excuses for why I want and can eat it, women’s days, a bad day, just bad weather, boring. You need to decide for yourself what you want from yourself, what is your ultimate goal, how much should be done and how much fun ahead. Then a meal will be for you a minor ritual to maintain vitality and a healthy body. And it should everyone! New beautiful body gives confidence and strength. You just have to start,” said Diana.

She also mentioned that the weight loss contributed to the illness and betrayal of a spouse, she repeatedly hinted at treason Giulana. However, to lose weight, she decided much earlier.

“If you’ll sit, lie down, clean up, looped themes that have accumulated in your head, and try to hear your inner voice – only then will understand his true desire. And if you really want to do it, not even having the slightest resource – you will Wake up a new incentive. And need to lose weight lose the main point in life. And then your process will not go, do not run , and fly! I wish you all to go and hear your inner voice!” concluded ochilova.