Mother-in-law Nastasya Samburski calls her daughter

Свекровь Настасьи Самбурской называет ее дочерью Nina, Duzevic told about the daughter-in-law. According to the mother of the chosen one Nastasya Samburski, she made quite an impression on her. Close Cyril Gicevich glad that he found happiness, not pushing it with my grandchildren.
Свекровь Настасьи Самбурской называет ее дочерью

Some time ago, the star of the TV series “Univer” Nastasya Samburski announced that she got married. Husband star became her colleague in the shop – actor of Belarusian origin Kirill Duzevic. His mother Nina, who lives in the small town of Birch, sincerely proud of the achievements of a young person. The woman distant from the world of show business – she works in a Bank. In recognition of the Nina Vladimirovna, she is constantly in touch with his son.

That Cyril meets Nastasya Samburski, his mom does for a long time. The actor did not hide from relatives that he was going to legalize the relationship with the beloved. Parents Gicevich approved his choice. According to them, Nastasya – beautiful people. Mom and dad Cyril gladly accepted Samburski in my family.

“Nastasia we have long been familiar, and in Moscow saw each other, and to us the boys were here. She’s a good, good girl. Her image on the TV says nothing. My husband and I are very satisfied with the daughter-in-law, son is happy, he is well, it’s in his eyes, and we are even better. A trip the couple will go, because they are so tired on the set, I’d like to rest in warm edges. With grandchildren while not speeding up: how the young will decide, so be it. We have always had a beautiful son, now daughter,” – said Nina.
Свекровь Настасьи Самбурской называет ее дочерью

Earlier Nastasya Samburski repeatedly joked that it had changed marital status. In Instagram, the actress, followed by about nine million people, several times there were publications dedicated to the wedding. So, once Nastasya took pictures near the registry office with a ring on your finger. Later it turned out that Samburski acted in the Comedy “Women vs men 2”.

So when in mid-November, Nastasya again published a picture from the Registrar’s office, many fans initially didn’t believe her. They decided that the actress has again decided all to play. Anticipating a similar reaction, Samburski dispelled all points over “i” in his post.

“Now we are really not kidding. Yes, the bride wore black, the money is not enough for white. Bouquet not tossed because it was heavy and could accidentally knock down a worker of the registry office. I’m happy. My husband also is not in pain. Ditucci people when necessary. I loved and love, and what you all want,” shared the star of “Univer” in social networks.

According to the mother of the chosen one Samburski, he does not hide anything from loved ones. Kirill’s family say that he grew up a docile child, and it never had any problems. “Acting career is fate, probably because he noticed, after watching the video which was shown in his technical University”, – quotes Nina Duzevic