The wife of Evgeni Malkin showed a slim figure after giving birth

Жена Евгения Малкина показала стройную фигуру после родов Hockey player posted a photo to his Instagram where he and his wife are about conquered his hockey team to the Stanley Cup. Anna Kosterova looks slim, although about two weeks ago she first became a mother.

      Жена Евгения Малкина показала стройную фигуру после родов

      In late may, Evgeni Malkin and Anna Masterova became the parents of a charming boy. The child was born in a clinic in the USA, where he now lives the family of the famous hockey player. The boy was named Nikita. Evgeni Malkin first became a father

      On the eve Malkin and his team “the Pittsburgh penguins were winners of the Stanley Cup. In six matches of the final series of the NHL hockey club Eugene broke the resistance of the San Jose sharks. Kasarova was rooting for the wife, sitting in the stands of the stadium, and rejoiced with the triumph. Malkin has posted on his page in the social network photo with his wife and a large Cup. In the picture you can see that Anna already got rid of a few pounds, though with the birth of her son less than a month. Bright short dress bares slim legs wife of a hockey player.

      Жена Евгения Малкина показала стройную фигуру после родов

      Spouse Malkin during pregnancy I tried to exercise, but could not limit themselves in food. “Since I’m in position, I like a lot there, and, basically, I need to eat, and have everything you need. On diet I forgot, but I try anyway to keep fit, do sports. But Jack constantly feeds me… In fact, he’s in the family – a tough leader, and I do not contradict him, just a little bit resist,” – said Anna during her pregnancy.

      All the time young parents devote to the education of his son Nikita. When Anne was discharged from the hospital with her son, family and friends prepared for the mother and baby, a real surprise. Their house was decorated with balloons and ribbons in blue tones, and the columns were inscribed the names of all three family members in English.

      Recall that Kasarova and Malkin met about two years ago. Masterovoy had to sacrifice the career of a TV presenter in order to always be close to Eugene. Last year’s team forward, “Pittsburgh penguins made an offer hands and hearts of his beloved. However, to arrange lush wedding couple have not yet succeeded. In early June, it became clear that Eugene and Anna have officially registered the marriage in one of the salons of new York. This “StarHit” he said Kustarova.

      “Decided to get married in America, and to marry later. The country has not yet defined”, – said the leader.

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