Singer Alex found his father after death

Певец Шура нашел отца после смерти My meeting with the flamboyant singer, who spoke about the main drama of his life. As with a living mother he 9-year-old boy, even for a month, ended up in an orphanage, Alex said reluctantly. It hurts him still.

      Певец Шура нашел отца после смерти

      Alexander Medvedev, who is also the singer Shura stands on the grave of his father in Novosibirsk, staring at the photo on the monument: “dad has no relatives left, he was no longer looking for, but I… Similar. Well, Hello, dad! The first time I say this word to the person it really belongs Here… and the rain is crying…

      Most offensive, he lived in the house from me and never came and said, “hi, it’s me.” And I’m going to come. Now I have a dad, but now…”
      Певец Шура нашел отца после смерти

      About being raised by a step-father, Sasha learned at the day obtaining a passport.

      “All my life I was, as my younger brother, Nikolaevich, and the mother says: “Write Vladimirovich”. I felt bad, I understood why I was always drawn handle: “daddy, daddy, daddy” and my step-father on me as on the fool looked.”

      Vladimir Shapkin Svetlana met when she was 17 and he was 20. A year later, she gave birth to Sasha, and soon a second time married to Nikolay Medvedev. Why father did not take any part in the fate of his son, no one can not explain, but grandma Galina for a long time, Sasha was raised and grandson was happy. That in it, albeit a month spent in the orphanage, the grandmother found out, mom told me not to talk about it. Even with the closest person Shura relations uneasy in recent years, they do not communicate. Trying to change the situation, he, this time with the help of my editors, was hoping to see her mother, but the door Svetlana Medvedeva opened. Shura puts on a bench with a bouquet that my mother bought on the eve of his birthday.

      Singer Alex can’t find his mother

      Певец Шура нашел отца после смерти“Flowers to her never came. And how can you reconcile when nobody raises, always an answering machine. A lot of times wanted, with cameras and without, but it doesn’t make contact. Concerts her name, waited in the dressing room, hoping. I still sit at the door – suddenly you’re lucky?! Because we are not getting any younger. She’s 59, I’m 41. And we need some other way to live.”

      The next day he was waiting for a meeting will come to my mother’s house early in the morning. “I learned that she recently suffered a stroke nurse and works some women. Two hours later, the door opens and Svetlana Medvedeva, crying, leaving, asking her son not to prosecute.

      Shura tries to resolve years of conflict with the mother

      Певец Шура нашел отца после смерти

      – I was pleased that she even took the flowers, ” says Alexander. In this the main drama of his life – a drug free program, the scandals, the attempt to discharge him from the Novosibirsk apartments. But even despite the fact that her mother supported her, when he was seriously ill, to reconcile, they failed. “She helped me during chemotherapy. And for this it thank you so much. But the recovery did not wait, left.”

      Певец Шура нашел отца после смерти

      – But if a little deeper into the history of how you with a living mother was in the orphanage?

      Well, Studio apartment, two children, dog, no privacy from her. Wanted to, probably something more, but I have such a character, and she decided that it would be easier to take.

      – But for you it still hurt, because brother, she left herself?

      – Yes, Misha for her – everything. From the first days of my life, right from small year old, I somehow did not like, and brother doted.

      In the 90s, at the peak of popularity of the artist, and it was the only time, the mother agreed to attend a concert of the son. I asked my friend-stylist Alisher: “My solo album, the big event – I want to mother you dressed like a Queen. I don’t care how much it will cost”. And we went with him in the cool boutiques. I swept away everything from the Windows, Alisher stopped me, the price of space. And then he says to her: “the Son is so fond of you, trying so hard, you like?” And she shook her head, “No, I’m this shit will not wear”. He asks: “Do at least just for the evening, so it was nice.” “Okay, I’ll tolerate, but only today.” Although these things she still goes. It’s probably a good sign.

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