Ekaterina Klimova was surprised by the result of weight loss

Екатерина Климова удивила результатом похудения Fans were amazed by the weight of the actress. Ekaterina Klimova was able to return to his form just a year after the birth of their fourth child. Fans interested in the methods, which the actress followed to attain the desired figure.

      Екатерина Климова удивила результатом похудения

      Actress Ekaterina Klimova always pleases fans with his racy photos. Mother of four children and I was amazed at how well preserved the figure of the artist. Catherine is not shy to show pictures in bikinis and daring outfits. But for fans was a real surprise that only now, a year after was born the youngest daughter Bella, the actress is back in shape now and really happy with the forms.

      Ekaterina Klimova boasted a perfect body

      “Less than a year after unreal miracle in my life, and my body came to a stable norm. Yay! Keep it up. What you wish for” – boasted Klimov in the microblog.
      Екатерина Климова удивила результатом похудения

      Fans of this news has caused General delight and admiration. They could not hide his surprise that Klimova has been phenomenal to lose weight. Followers also praised the mother for what she abruptly dropped the extra pounds, and gradually brought the weight up to the desired mark. Fans rushed to find out, thanks to which the actress managed to get back in shape.

      “That’s wonderful you are still a woman!” “You umnichka! And what kind of sports do you do? Fitness? Or just the gym?”, “That’s what I understand a normal healthy weight, and when less than 50 kilograms weigh, as it is not normally this,” “One of the really slim women of our cinema! And that with so many kids! Just wow!”, – happy fans of the actress.

      Not so long ago, fans of the actress have noticed that on her thigh there was a mysterious tattoo. An intricate pattern now resides on the savory parts of the body Klimova. The fans were in awe of the bold experiment 38-year-old star of movies and TV series.

      Apparently, Catherine’s husband, actor Gela Meskhi, crazy about his lady. Their marriage fans consider ideal. The husband was able to establish excellent relationships with children Klimova from previous marriages. The eldest daughter of actress Lisa entered the period of puberty, so Catherine is not just talking about how hard it is to get along with girl. However, the actress admits that in her family there is peace and understanding. Catherine believes that the most significant for the heirs of the personal example of parents.

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