Елена Летучая возмущена действиями соседей The presenter doesn’t understand why people can’t work quietly. Elena Letuchaya shared their hardships and problems with subscribers. Some took the side of celebrities, while others expressed the opinion that everything happens within the law.

      Елена Летучая возмущена действиями соседей

      Popular anchorwoman Elena Volatile, which became known due to the fact that checking the quality of service in public eating places in the program “Revizorro” faced with trouble in your own home. Instead enjoy the peace, tranquility and birdsong in the morning outside the house, Bat have to put up with neighbors who started a repair. From a strong irritating noise Elena feels totally exhausted.

      “The fragrance of peonies, home-grown, and wild strawberry for Breakfast – that’s what I want to feel in the morning! If not for the punch, which our entire family wakes early in the morning is not the first day! Feels like the war has begun, and nothing can be done, the neighbors do the fence! But in the afternoon all is peaceful and silent, apparently, going to relax! On request in the morning to peck and to do more quiet work not respond, the workers stubbornly drilled the ground and our brains that is in the morning! And I am absolutely shattered now crawl to work!” – complained to the presenter in his microblog subscribers.

      Sensitive fans immediately responded to the outrage Fly. They supported the woman and began in unison to criticize neighbors who disturb the peace of the stars, and told about the same problems in their homes.

      “Oh, these neighbors. Our upstairs neighbor for more than six months something is drilling, and that in the morning,” “Day must be hot to work here and rest, and start early. I would have to do so (not at six in the morning, of course, but with eight, I think, allowed for noisy construction work conduct), support Volatile followers.

      However, there were those subscribers who did not share the resentment of the former leading “Revizorro,” and said that neighbors in the plots have the full right to do everything necessary on its own territory with defined conditions.

      “The law in the morning you can do the repair, in the lunch break. All right neighbors are doing”, “Just have a law of silence, which allows you to start noisy work at eight in the morning on working days and requires to take a break from 13 to 15, as many children,” he tried to convince and reassure Volatile.

      Elena, knowing that the neighbors are not violating her rights, tried to convey to fans all the hardships of their work, and also offered his vision of how it should perform repairs on its version.

      Yes I actually not about laws, I’m talking about human! Come with the filming of the night, and then sleep four hours in the morning because of work! You could just paint quietly!” – put forward his version of the progress of the construction.

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