Регина Тодоренко впервые показала сына TV presenter has published on his page a touching message from the baby. In the video, charismatic blonde boy wants Regina Todorenko earn more and never get sick.

      Regina todorenko celebrated a birthday. Leading the program “heads and tails” on TV Friday turned 26. The star celebrated the happy day on the road. She was pleasantly surprised by the amount of attention received from fans. Congratulations presenter came from all corners of the globe. Because now, thanks to your favorite program, Regina had friends and acquaintances in many countries, where she was only going to visit.

      But most of all touched by Todorenko wishes from one little boy. Three-year-old Danny, whom the star calls “son”, recorded a video message. He congratulated Todorenko happy birthday and wished her health and financial well-being.

      “Thank you all for the congratulations! Sincerely happy that you I got one of these! Best greetings of all! Thank you dado! My son! #godson” – signed video Regina.

      “Regina’s son?”, “That’s wonderful news! Says “my son”, “This isn’t really your son?”, “I’m in shock,” jumping to conclusions emotional groupies of the star.

      Video published by regina todorenko (@reginatodorenko), 15 Jun 2016 12:45 PDT

      “Lord, woman! Do you not think that she may have a godson?”, “Easy, aunt. Without nerves, please,” “Look carefully, she’s got the hashtag #godson”, “Not all are called godchildren son… But all know that Regina has no children,” retorted a more attentive followers of Regina.

      It is interesting that in the new season of “heads and tails” Regina went on a trip around the world. For 10 months together with the crew she has to go around 37 countries and 45 cities. All this time her return will be look forward to not only the family, but a beloved man, whose name is star conceals. However, the “StarHit” managed to find out that the elect Todorenko is a 23-year-old entertainer and producer Nikita tracin.

      The star of “the eagle and tails” Regina todorenko hides beloved showman

      “They met while studying at the University of Kiev, – says the “StarHit” a friend of the couple Amiran Governors. – She studied the course over. The guys quickly became friends: they both have a great sense of humor, creative, purposeful. Later they began to meet.”

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