Жена и дочь Дмитрия Маликова заставили его раскошелиться по-крупному Recently, well-known singer and composer noted several important events, including birthdays, spouses and Elena heiress Stephanie. Apparently, Malikova decided to combine the celebration of two dates, rolling his Banquet in the center of Moscow.

13 Feb daughter Dmitry Malikov Stefania is 18 years old, and one day later his birthday, said her mother Elena. Apparently, the family of the famous artist decided to combine the celebration of two important dates. For this reason Dmitry and Elena decided to have dinner in one of the elite Minsk restaurants Arkady Novikov. “Take me quickly, get a hundred seas and kiss me everywhere” – quoted the heiress of the artist to the hit group “Hands up!”on Instagram.

Malikova gathered all the friends at the festival. The daughter of artist Stephanie shone in elegant green dress, decorated with an oversized bow. Elena Malikova conducted the heiress to adulthood parting words. Later, she thanked mother in microblogging.

“I am happy that I have such mother, I am happy that I am like you, I’m happy that you’re my best friend. It’s an incredible happiness to have a mother, to have a friend that will help you always be on your side. Thank you for the love and wisdom that you have invested in me and, I hope, will always put” – shared Stesha.

That night sounded great, the toasts, the authors not only congratulated the daughter and the wife of a famous artist, but wanted all the best for the youngest representative of the family Malkovich. Successor Dmitry was born in January of this year in one of the Petersburg clinics specializing in reproductive medicine. The singer and his wife do not cease to receive warm wishes from friends and fans. Dmitry Malikov has long dreamed about his son, would continue his family.

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The culmination of the evening was the presentation of birthday cake for Stephanie. Happy girl blew out the candles under the loud applause of family and friends.

When celebrating important dates came to an end, Dmitry Malikov summed up. The Banquet in a luxury restaurant the capital cost by the Bank.

“Was done on a dare of his wife and daughter. Spent the penultimate money”, – stated the artist on Twitter.

After a relaxing, Dmitry began to get back to work. On February 14, the artist performed at the party on the occasion of Valentine’s Day in one of the Moscow restaurants, and on Friday, he planned a concert in the business center “Moscow-city”. In between performances Malikov do not forget about to delight fans by surprise – the singer has published in stories on Instagram lullaby baby.