Alexei Panin was fired due to controversial reputation

Алексея Панина уволили из-за скандальной репутации The actor is no longer YouTube-show “Hypobole”, which premiered in September of last year. A few months later with Alexei Panin decided to leave, and the program was closed. A former colleague of the artist told about the reasons for the completion of the project.
Алексея Панина уволили из-за скандальной репутации

From September to December last year on YouTube out videos “Hypobole” leading Alexei Panin. Fans of the actor have noticed that the project is no longer produced, and began to discuss its closure in social networks. Blogger Alexei djukov, who worked with the artist over the show on the Internet, decided to make an official announcement about the reasons why it happened.

According to former colleagues Panina, they failed to attract a large number of loyal audience and advertisers ‘ interest. The channel, now called “Alex Normal,” only about a few tens of thousands of subscribers. For this reason, the company ordered the production of editions, refused further work on the “Hipopotamo”.

“In the near future he will not appear on this channel. The company orders we work on a YouTube show, broke up with Panin. This show did a big team of people, including the writers who wrote him the text, and technical service. The first reason – the lack of growth. During the first ten editions we are often quoted in the media, we had a cool reason, all the cool plays, but we grew up only to 82.7 thousand people. When those attachments that made the company, it was a small figure,” – said Dyukov.
Алексея Панина уволили из-за скандальной репутации

According to Alexey, his colleagues have produced high-quality content, so the lack of interest of the audience lies not in this. “Maybe the problem is though, who plays a major role? This is one of the reasons I broke up with Panin,” – said the blogger.

Dyukov added that the actor had to pay a salary. “Alex is worth the money, he was a hired actor who read our text, or taught him in the process. I don’t have the finances to pay for his appearance on the channel,” he said. According to the blogger, he was not ashamed of the work.

“The first ten editions of “Hypomastia” was very cool. I want to say thanks to all the team that worked on this. (…) Today we are faced with the fact that cool content that makes people with questionable reputation, has been criticized. Editions were cool, but the audience said, “Come on, it makes Alexey Panin. I’m not going to watch.” It was very sad, because we were trying to prove – anyone can do something cool,” shared Alex.
Алексея Панина уволили из-за скандальной репутации

As noted Dyukov, the reaction of the audience was greatly upset people who worked on the project. Skeptical Internet users are not subscribed to the channel and refused to watch videos. “There was a lot of negative feedback, it is very much demotiviruet. And subscribers have been horrible comments, especially jokes about dogs,” – said the blogger.

At the end of his treatment of the Dukes asked the audience to distribute it with roller. The blogger expressed the hope that the channel will find its audience. According to Alexey, it is very difficult to attract attention, if you don’t like public fights with other stars of the Internet.

“Yes, we recorded a Diss on the Cross and wanted to hypenate on the real reason. It was otvetochka. And Yes, we failed. No one is arguing that. And that, I now have to record a Diss or cause someone to fight? I definitely need someone betlitsa? I don’t want conflicts and asking people to look at the content on this channel,” said Dyukov.