Стала известна окончательная причина гибели Марии Политовой Eks-the participant “Houses-2” mixed pills with alcohol. Forensic examination showed: blood of the deceased was discovered and antidepressants, and ethyl alcohol.

Maria Politova went missing in early December last year. The young woman left the apartment on the Krutitskaja embankment in Moscow, taking medication for depression. Common-law spouse ex-member of telestroke Artem Chakurov announced that his girlfriend suffered from bipolar disorder and tried several times to commit suicide. He asked in search and rescue and law enforcement agencies.

Only after ten days of searching, the body of Natalia Politov found random passers-by in the Shchelkovo area of Moscow region. There is the cottage of her grandparents.

“On the death of Maria Natalia Politov, the Investigative Department of the city of Shchelkovo of Moscow region was initiated by the verification procedure. It was surveyed relatives and friends of the deceased. Was also conducted forensic medical examination. The results of which established that the girl’s death was caused by poisoning pills, belonging to the group of antidepressants,” – said senior assistant Manager GUS SC for the Moscow region Olga Brady.

Detectives confirmed that the day of the tragedy Politova was in a fragile mental state, without telling anyone, and left the apartment in the city center in an unknown direction. As it turned out, she went to the holiday village of the Shelkovskoy district, where her grandparents have a house. Maria knew that the relatives leave the city only during the summer season. To open the door the girl was not able, and perhaps did not try, after all, was under the influence of alcohol and psychotropic drugs. The representative of the Investigative Committee noted that, in addition to ethyl alcohol in the blood of ex-member “House-2” was discovered antidepressants.

“Given that persons involved in the death of Natalia Politov not found, to Institute criminal proceedings”, – said Olga Vradiy.