The widow of Dmitry Marjanova refused to take the pills to cope with grief

Вдова Дмитрия Марьянова отказалась принимать таблетки, чтобы справиться с горем Ksenia BIK, shared methods that helped her survive a difficult period. The psychologist changed her appearance and tried to completely fill their time with cases that it is not absorbed in painful thoughts.
Вдова Дмитрия Марьянова отказалась принимать таблетки, чтобы справиться с горем

The widow of Dmitry Marjanova Xenia Beek has admitted that he did not want to live after her husband was gone. The actor died this fall. The last few days he spent in rehab, where he provided psychological help. The reason for the sudden death of movie stars was detached thrombus.

As recognized by the BIC, it was very difficult to accept that she will never again hug a loved one and not be able to feel its warmth.

The widow of Dmitry Marjanov: “I Wanted to lie down and die”

“When wanted, when she felt provoked me into it, brought to absurdity, embraced and put on a shirt, breathed’s favorite Cologne. Seemed crazy, but no tablets! For they saw and know everything about chemical dependency,” said Ksenia.

Widow Maranova indirectly confirmed that faced with the betrayal of many people in this period of time. Probably some friends of Xenia too a lot of contact with journalists, while not spreading the most accurate information. She encourages people who find themselves in the same trouble, not to listen to those who spread lies.

“This paragraph deserves special attention. The horror faced by people in show business is impossible to imagine! This can live some very special people to whom I do not belong. Lies, bullying, venality, ruthlessness, jealousy, hatred, knows no boundaries, betrayal. One way out: silence! Anyone is not justified. No matter what I did, that would say – everything will be the same. By the way, it does not have to be the artist’s wife. All who are “in sight”, remember – you too can touch,” said BICK.

In addition, the BIC decided to change the style after the death Maryanova. She explained it as follows: “Let the mirror be like “another person”. As if this tragedy didn’t happen to me”, – said Kseniya.

The psychologist has completely devoted himself to his hobby. “Get yourself to work. Against the desire, will, spite of. Create the image of the “steel lady” without emotions and feelings. The first time will feel naked on the street. It comes and goes. Interested in everything that vzbredet in the head – Egipetskogo from the Pantheon to the life of a capybaras. Learn capitals of countries in the world,” said BIK, talking to reporters “AIF”.