The student disrupted the shooting of “House-2”

Школьник сорвал съемки «Дома-2» According to journalists, the participants of the reality show had to be evacuated. As it turned out, the call with a false message about explosive device allegedly planted inside the perimeter and made 12-year-old sixth grade student.

As it became known to journalists, the shooting of the reality show “House-2” there was an unpleasant incident. Working on new editions of telestroke had to be suspended because of a disturbing call. Programme staff reported that the perimeter planted the bomb.

Concerned inhabitants of the “House-2” was not a little frightened. Everyone who was in the halls, had to be evacuated. On a scene there have arrived law enforcement officers. They thoroughly checked the area but failed to find the explosive device.

The inspection found that the bomb “laid” 12-year-old student Nikita, a student in the sixth grade. The boy had a negative attitude to the project, so wanted to close it. According to correspondents, the mother of the child is a big fan of telestroke. 32-year-old woman every day I turn on the TV to see the latest news from the life of the beloved inhabitants of the perimeter. All her childhood the heir was under scandals and clarify the relationship of the stars “House-2”.

The mother of a schoolboy so hard followed by new editions of the scandalous TV project that he couldn’t remain indifferent to it. According to media reports, the child was waiting for the participants of the reality show will finally finish the construction, but this all did not happen. When the boy finally tired of hope on the finale of “House-2”, he went to drastic measures.

Recall that the first series of “House-2” was aired on 11 may 2004. The reality show was a continuation of the project “House”, which were Nikolai Baskov and Svetlana Khorkina, and the foreman was Alexey Kulichkov said. The pilot edition of telestroke appeared Ksenia Sobchak and Dmitriy Nagiev, later he was replaced by Ksenia Borodina. The intention of the producers of eight single girls and seven guys moved into the trailers to begin work on the house.

5 thousand days in the air: how has the brightest participants of the “House-2”

In the first episode, there are three main couples – Stepan Menshikov and Alain Vodonaeva, Olga Buzova and Roman Tretyakov and Olga “Sun” Nikolaeva and May Abrikosov. In the future, the participants were regularly varied. For many years the existence of reality shows have been criticized. The audience and media persons resent conflicts regularly encountered on the project. According to some participants deliberately selected such a way that they provoke scandals.

After the recent incident with the bomb shooting “House-2” was suspended only for a short time. As reported in the Mash, the next day they continued.