The Network has staged a war Igor Matvienko for saying to ban rap

В Сети устроили войну Игорю Матвиенко за высказывание о запрете рэпа It producer, which he delivered at the meeting of the Roskomnadzor, has provoked heated discussions on the Internet. Fans of rap music were angered by the words of Igor Matvienko, who proposed to consider the regulation of this genre.
В Сети устроили войну Игорю Матвиенко за высказывание о запрете рэпа

At the enlarged meeting of the Board of Roskomnadzor producer of “Ivanushki-International”, “City 312” and “lube” Igor Matvienko has made a proposal. In his opinion, should think about the limitations in the field of rap music. According to the figure in show business, most artists of this genre are promoting sex and drugs. Speaking about his exciting topic, Matvienko also criticized and other popular youth performers.

According to the producer, the younger generation is faced with blatant glorification of illicit substances and sexual excesses that can have a detrimental impact on it.

“Now, for example, most, 90% of the charts is a song for youth, which glorify drugs, sex, beautiful life, behind that. It can be linked with this genre — hip hop, rap. It came to us, of course, from there. We especially do not pay attention. But the children are impregnated with these feelings. I, as a father of five children – and they are all teen age – it is quite a large concern,” – said Matvienko.
В Сети устроили войну Игорю Матвиенко за высказывание о запрете рэпа

Figure of show-business are advised to pay attention to measures adopted in China. There is forbidden to broadcast hip-hop tracks on the radio and TV. “All there is of this genre. Maybe this is an extreme case of”, he added.

The statement of the Igor Matvienko provoked heated discussions in social networks. The Creator of the Versus Battle Alexander Timartsev, better known as a Restaurateur, suggested that Matvienko could not accept the reduction of interest in the work of his players.

“Of course, I disagree with him. Need to have broader horizons. I understand that he’s grieving for the fact that his musical projects is not as popular as homegrown rap projects that develop fine and good monetized. In this format he has much less experience, he understands little. And as a person involved in the Roskomnadzor, of course, he only wants the prohibition is to understand how it works,” – says the organizer of the battles.
В Сети устроили войну Игорю Матвиенко за высказывание о запрете рэпа

Fans criticized rap producer, suspecting him of a desire to control modern music and to ban the genre. They supported Timartsev and condemned the act Matvienko. “Just that his projects are not wanted”, “Cool his ardor! Better pop music was canceled. Just that, so just hip-hop. If you can not learn, nothing to deny this others” “Wants to hypnoti”, “a year later, you see, it will work with some new T-Fest om”, “it would be Nice to protect people from the Matvienko,” – commented on the Network.

At the same time, representatives of the older generation stood on the side of the producer. In their opinion, the work of contemporary rap artists can’t be compared to hits of the group “lube” and “Ivanushki International”. “He was partly right. Students are degraded, and they go freaking crazy. No doubt that the fault in education, but media also have a responsibility,” wrote one user of Twitter.

Yuriy Loza has not remained aloof from the debate that unfolded on the Internet. The journalists asked to the musician for comments on a resonant subject. The artist believes that all representatives of the same genre of music you can not pull one size fits all.

“It is important that you want to say with this music. The music style can not be politicized or painted in any color. Important internal filling, it all depends on the artist and what he wants to convey. If any direction in art sow reasonable, good, eternal, the same way it can work in the opposite direction,” said the Vine.

As a result Matvienko had to make excuses for speech. During the conversation with journalists the producer explained its attitude to rap.

“First, I will say that not suggesting anything be banned. To ban music from various genres and styles – it’s all stupid. It was more directed to people who create the music that they are not promoted the way this narcotic relaxation, intoxication, an associative number with a beautiful life. A huge number of people die from drugs – the same American singer Lil PIP”, – he told reporters.

According to Matvienko, there are rappers, which he endorses, for example, TIMOTHY. “Creativity should be a plus sign and not the minus sign, it is meant to make our lives better, not worse,” explained the producer.

Based on the materials of “Komsomolskaya Pravda”, RIA Novosti and “Moscow speaking”.