The widow of actor Alexey Petrenko was urgently hospitalized

Вдову актера Алексея Петренко экстренно госпитализировали The woman was taken by ambulance unconscious. Have Azimi Abdumuminov, the widow of Aleksey Petrenko, maybe the stroke. She has a serious medical examination.
Вдову актера Алексея Петренко экстренно госпитализировали

The former head of “Kyrgyztelefilm” Aziz Abdumuminov was in the hospital. She was taken by car “emergency” without consciousness. Doctors suspect that women disturbed cerebral circulation. State that the so-called doctors, one of the main causes of mortality in many countries in an acute form such violations lead to strokes. Problems with blood circulation in the brain often arise from poor blood vessels.

While doctors have not given accurate information about the health Azimi, a woman will spend a few days in the hospital to undergo a thorough examination.

Name Azimi Abdumuminov sounded in the media, when a woman was the third and last wife of Alexei Petrenko. They married in 2010 and in this marriage had a daughter melaniya. However, relatives of the actor I doubt that Petrenko – a father of girls.

Azim says that Alexei Petrenko, who departed this life February 22, 2017, died in the hands of his daughter.

“Alyosha left in the hands of Melania. The daughter said that they spent the evening together, talking, joking. Then he spoke on the phone with Rudolf Furmanov, to discuss the installation of the transmission. Melania says he heard from the room his laughter, then silence. Walked in, and Alex sitting in a chair, head bowed. She ran, began to call “daddy, Daddy!”, and when embraced, he let out a last breath and died,” said the widow Petrenko.

Relatives and friends say that Azim grieved the death of her beloved husband. And, perhaps, health problems associated with high stress. Because disputes about inheritance and kinship with the eldest daughter Pauline continues.

The daughter of Alexei Petrenko will be a DNA test

The woman became ill at a social event when she was taken to the hospital, she was unconscious, according to