Masha Rasputina: “my Husband died like a dog foaming at the mouth”

Маша Распутина: «Муж сдох, как собака с пеной у рта» Singer rigidly commented on the death of the former spouse. Masha Rasputina does not hide his negative attitude to Vladimir Yermakov. According to her, the man gradually give her pain, using the most despicable methods.
Маша Распутина: «Муж сдох, как собака с пеной у рта»

Masha Rasputina had to go through a lot of turmoil. Her first marriage to producer Vladimir Yermakov turned constant scandals and disputes. Even after a divorce, the man never tired of telling how he was humiliated and dumped ex-girlfriend.

In October of last year Vladimir died suddenly during the filming of the popular television show. This news shocked many fans of Rasputina, but she was in no hurry to comment on the tragedy. In the program “the Secret to a million,” she spoke harshly about the current situation.

“He died in the broadcast of a program. As the dog died. He was not paid some money, about a hundred dollars, and he began to make trouble. Died foaming at the mouth. How meanly he lived, so he died,” he said.
Маша Распутина: «Муж сдох, как собака с пеной у рта»

In the words of Rasputina, she did not regret her former husband, because he ruined the lives of not only the singer but also their common daughter. The actress is sure that the man specifically set up Lida against her mother, trying as much to hurt her.

Now Rasputin is communicating with the eldest daughter. Mary confirmed that she suffers from mental illness, and therefore is constantly being treated in a special boarding house. According to the artist, it cannot care for the child, as a girl it is important to take your medication on time and constantly take the survey.

“As a child, she was a completely normal girl, I about anything like that and could not think. And then began to appear some symptoms. I was taught that Leda is pretending to be, but in the end still have to pass the examination. Doctors in one voice told me that this is a very serious disease that will progress. After I remembered that my brother ex-husband had a daughter forty years that the level of development consistent with the ten-year child. Then I realized that this problem came by inheritance from the family,” shared Rasputin.

After the death of Vladimir Ermakov, the question arose about the responsibility of his apartment. Now, for a property worth 13 million rubles claimed by the Lida and the eldest son of the ex-wife of Rasputina. The singer said that basically planning to fight for relying her daughter share. According to star, the treatment of the heiress leaving a lot of money.

Despite all the trials of life, the actress still managed to find happiness. For two decades, she is in a relationship with businessman Viktor Zakharov. Rasputin says that her husband takes all her dreams and whims. Many years ago, the singer stole the future of her husband’s family, but now not a bit sorry about it.