Alain Vodonaeva spoke about the addition to the family

Алена Водонаева рассказала о пополнении в семье The TV presenter posted a touching picture with the baby. New photo of Alena Vodonaevoy touched by her fans. The star has become an aunt and was eager to share with fans of good news.

Alena Vodonaeva is rightly considered one of the most popular young women in the Russian show-business. The star often shares candid shots and is not shy to speak on her exciting issues. She also happily talks about the relationship with her husband Alexei Cosine, periodically posting romantic photos.

However, the new the presenter surprised many of her fans. Star posted in Instagram photo with her newborn baby.

“Welcome to the family little angel” – signed picture star.

The presenter put the hashtag #nephew, explaining what she has a newborn baby. Fans speculated that the brother Vodonaevoy Stas for the second time became a father. The star has repeatedly held that loves relative, and always ready to come to his aid. However, Alena did not explain where exactly the photo was taken. Many members came to the conclusion that the baby has already managed to baptize.

“Alain here so your mom is similar. I congratulate you on the new addition to the family,” “God, and you, Aleksei child. So comfortable laying on your hands”, “It’s the christening? You become a godmother? Then congratulations again,” wrote Alyona’s fans in the comments to the post.

Fans often wonder whether Vodonaeva be a mother again. She is now happily married to well-known DJ Alexey Cosine. The man immediately found a common language with the son of TV presenter Bogdan, and they spend a lot of time together.

Earlier Vodonaeva said in an interview that she repeatedly faced the problem of miscarriage and the appearance Bogdan on the light is perceived not only as a miracle. We will remind, the boy was born in the marriage of Alena and businessman Alexei Malakaeva.

Now the star is trying to do everything to make the boy happy. Alena recently bought for son’s adorable kitten, pictures of which now appear frequently on Instagram TV presenter.

Despite the boundless love for the boy, Vodonaeva exhibit rigor in education. Recently, she spoke about the punishments that practices when communicating with the child. “Bogdan grounded for a week on cartoons and for a month on any equipment. That’s so wonderful he rested” – shared Alena.

Fans are sure that the presenter is not only a perfect mother, but will be a good aunt to a newborn baby. Star often shocking the audience candid shots, but always enjoyed spending time in the company of friends and family members.