The Weeknd admitted that she often writes songs on drugs

The Weeknd признался, что часто пишет песни под наркотиками

Canadian singer of Ethiopian descent, The Weeknd does not hide the fact that the years of his youth and growing up for him was not the easiest due to his addiction to drugs. Because of the prohibited means, the musician dropped out of school and almost turned on the bottom.

From the hell in which The Weeknd could get, he was saved by art. But it was not so easy.

The Weeknd admitted that abandoning the addiction, he from time to time to let him back in order to expand its consciousness, the limits and create something totally unique, something that will love people all over the world.

“On my first record was the record length is seven minutes of rambling, I was just doing what I came to mind the moment when I was high”, — says The Weeknd.

“Now would I do such a thing was not”, — Wafleet artist a little bit evil, because when writing later albums without banned substances is also not done:There is such a thing as writer’s block. In such moments you just can’t handle him sober”.