Madonna’s daughter grows champion in gymnastics

Дочь Мадонны растет чемпионкой по гимнастике

They are overworked played with Madonna cruel joke when her own children were small and demanded my mother’s attention. Lourdes and Rocco, it is obviously not enough of mom’s attention, with the result that now they are not the best example to my younger brother and sister (Madonna adopted children). That only is 16-year-old Rocco! The guy rebelled against the mother, went to live with her father, and even addicted to drugs.

But despite the negative example set by their older, younger until my mom happy. 10-year-old mercy James is doing everything for her mum were proud of it. And she is proud!

Дочь Мадонны растет чемпионкой по гимнастике

On his page on Instagram, Madonna has published a picture of the daughter with her gymnastics team. The occasion was significant – mercy James took four medals at the European gymnastics championship.

“Come On, Mercy! It’s a team effort!” — wrote Madonna in comments to the snapshot.

What would it be? Elders need to take lessons from the younger.