Пользователи Twitter уверены, что Леди Гага — жертва пластики

Lady Gaga is a creative person. And this applies, as a profession that she does, and her identity and way of expression.

Lady Gaga can be called one of the most controversial artists of our time. Costumes of the singer are not repeated and often shocking others with their extravagance. In fairness, we note that in the last few years Lady Gaga has changed, become more feminine and thus her images – not as garish.

Fans of Stephanie Germanotta have long been accustomed to her at all, but what still surprises them and makes you wonder plastic surgery.

Пользователи Twitter уверены, что Леди Гага — жертва пластики

The intervention of a plastic surgeon in the exterior of the singer a fan of Lady Gaga she can’t forgive. So the recent statement of the actress on the show “X-factor” was again forced to tell users about this topic.

Netizens are sure that Stephanie is changing not for the better and encourage her to stop.

They absolutely do not like Lady Gaga, in which it develops. “How can it be Lady Gaga? It has a completely different face! Who is this imposter?”, “We’re not going to say anything about the face of Lady Gaga? I mean, it’s definitely something did. Or I think so?”, “Gaga has done nose job? Or facelift? Or face transplant?! Or is it an impostor, or she looks completely different” — was indignant Twitter users.

Lady Gaga herself has not commented on speculation that she resorted to the services of plastic surgeons.

But still she defended his right to refer to them, at the request of her soul: “”I am an artist and I have a right to decide what I should make peace.”