Дмитрий Тарасов считает, что Ольга Бузова его предала

Divorce of Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov in the domestic media space sounds almost louder than the parting of Brangelina.

Discusses the causes of the collapse of the pair, possible culprits, etc.

The most common versions are the material aspect and treason. That, many believe, is quite logical.

Neither Olga nor Dmitri are still not spoke on the subject of divorce. On the same day Tarasov made an exception, saying that his wife had betrayed him.

“What is love? I said to her with all my heart, and she? See? Money divides. This is a betrayal! I have no words. I now feel really bad about, I didn’t expect this from her. It’s hard for me my head is spinning, all jam-Packed with negativity… I don’t know what she wanted in this life. She has very different priorities and views on life. I was ready for a baby, she apparently is not. I now, honestly, no one at all will believe in this life. I’m afraid,” said Dmitry.

Note that a few weeks before the breakup she said that would numerically increase your family and have a baby.