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English writer Jane Austen so often wrote about love, while not knowing that feeling myself… But love is described so subtly that it was nicknamed the “first lady” of English literature. Many of Austen’s novels portrayed. And some of them dozens of times! In anticipation of the premiere of the film “Love and friendship” the editors of Woman’s Day remembered the best picture on the works of the writer.

“Love and friendship”

Release date: 2016

Based on the novel, “Lady Susan,” which was not published during the author’s life

Starring: Kate beckinsale, Chloe sevigny, Xavier Samuel

Beautiful young widow lady Susan arrives at the family estate of her late husband to wait in high society will cease to gossip about her adventures, and to figure out how to improve their financial position. Don’t waste time, she decides to find a rich husband for themselves and their young daughter. In the course are not only beautiful and charming, but sarcastic and sharp mind and incredible talent to weave.

Did you know?

The film was shot over 26 days.

“Sense and sensibility”

Release date: 1995

Based on the novel: “Sense and sensibility”

Starring: Emma Thompson, Kate Winslet, Hugh Grant

After his father’s death three sisters and mother are left without a solid state, so they have to take the help of a distant relative. The girls meet their sweethearts, but everything is not so smooth, because one of them is known throughout London womanizer and the other and is engaged to another. At the same time, the sisters do not even notice that are the object of the sighs of the other men. Will they be able to numb out feelings and to hear the voice of reason or rush into the maelstrom of unrequited love?

Did you know?

During the filming the Director had contacted the society of lovers of Jane Austen with a request to replace Hugh Grant, because he’s too good-looking to play Edward Ferrars.


Release date: 1996

Based on the novel: “Emma”

Starring: Gwyneth Paltrow, Alan cumming, Toni Collette

Emma Woodhouse is a resident of a London suburb, proud of their intelligence and confident that he always knows the answer to any question.

Maybe that is why she decides one day to arrange the fate of Harriet Smith is a girl who does not have the advantages of a noble friend, but raised in Emma’s desire to protect her.

By choosing Harriet groom, Emma started to bring young, not even imagining where it might lead.

Did you know?

The role of Emma was the first main role in film career, Paltrow.

“Pride and prejudice”

Release date: 2005

Based on the novel: “Pride and prejudice”

Starring: keira Knightley, Matthew Macfadyen

England, late XVIII century. The parents of five Bennet sisters are anxious to successfully give daughters in marriage. And because life is measured respectable family is turned upside down when the neighborhood there is a young gentleman – Mr. Bingley… Needless to say, among the friends of the new neighbor turns out to be a lot of refined aristocrats who are not averse to look after charming sisters. However, all is not so simple. Headstrong Elizabeth meets Bingley’s friend – a beautiful and arrogant Mr. Darcy, and between them ignite serious opposition, which can result in as love and hate…

Did you know?

Director Joe Wright was initially against having keira Knightley in your draft, reading it too attractive. And he changed his mind only after a personal meeting with the actress. He saw Kira restless desire to go against! And immediately offered her the role.


Release date: 2007

Based on the novel: “persuasion”

Starring: Sally Hawkins, Rupert, Penry-Jones, Alice Kraydzh

Anne Elliot was just nineteen when she fell crazy about the dashing naval officer Frederick Wentworth. Her family tried to convince Anne that she makes a terrible mistake and a young girl hastily broke off a relationship with him. But in the next eight years of memories about Frederick left Anne a day. When the handsome Frederick, advanced in the service, appears again on the horizon, Anne hoped that her beloved and not forgotten.

Did you know?

And although this story and has failed to beat the “record” of the novel “Pride and prejudice”, which portrayed more than 10 times, only one the BBC have re-shot “the reason” four times.

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