Красивые или сильные: как выбирают в команду гимнасток

Now in Rio, completed competition in gymnastics. However, the audience does not discuss as many medals, as the appearance of the gymnasts.

Gymnastics, like figure skating, has always been considered one of the most spectacular disciplines. How not to join the screen when so many beautiful girls show, and even in bathing suits. But this year, some viewers were confused: our girls clearly inferior in size to many others. For example, our main rival – Americans – in General consist entirely of muscles, broad shoulders, massive arms, legs pumped as if they, having jumped aside on the carpet, immediately run in the relay together with athletes and then still sit on the bike and in this discipline a couple of medals to grab. And how such “machines” to our fragile girls to compete?

We asked the question, how should look like a perfect gymnast. Do they have a weight limit, growth. Help Woman’s Day appealed to the Soviet Olympic champion in gymnastics Lidiya Gavrilovna Ivanova.

Красивые или сильные: как выбирают в команду гимнастокRussian gymnast Aliya Mustafina
Красивые или сильные: как выбирают в команду гимнастокAnd American Simone Balls

Regulations do not exist!

“In this matter, perhaps, dictation can not be, – Lydia Gavrilovna. All the same, and understand that a cow on a log no release. Sorry for the rude comparison. But there is such a thing as beauty. The beauty of the athlete, slim body, beauty of the movements – all this is of great importance.

If you compare us with our gymnasts, we will see that the height and weight they are almost identical. Their mistress Simone Bilz, for example, weighs 47 kg with height 145 cm Our beauty Aliya Mustafina – 48 kg with height 161 cm, But their figures are quite similar among themselves. Yes, American women are athletically stacked, but not proportionally. Bails legs are too short, causing the priest a burden to the bottom. Of course, this does not prevent her to perform difficult elements. But we have always focused on beauty. Even with little growth, a figure can be well folded. View our Masha Apiary: I think she’s the best on this platform. Her growth 161 cm, and she’s slender, pretty. Nice to look at!”.

Soldier vs ballerinas

“I American women reminded Romanians that we in the 60-ies, when I was considered the main competitors. They were like soldiers on a log. The same is now showing American athletes. If you ask my opinion, I personally most like the Dutch girl Sanne Vevers, who became a champion on the balance beam. She turns done on propolice, on tiptoe, like a ballerina. American women on the heel takes place. It’s not abuse, it’s something called school, job class, the Executive skill for which we have always fought”.

Красивые или сильные: как выбирают в команду гимнастокDutch gymnast Sanne Vevers
Красивые или сильные: как выбирают в команду гимнастокAmerican gymnast Alexander Reisman

The Golden mean

“I will not argue that American women are much stronger than our girls. But I completed its laudable ode and I would ask the question of Federation of sports gymnastics: is it the development it needs? In my opinion, should be something average between technique and beauty. In any sport must be maintained aesthetics. And the athlete who strips to the level of the swimsuit, in my opinion, is simply obliged to look attractive”.

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