Звезда «Папиных дочек» позирует в ретро-купальнике Darya Melnikova admitted that he spent a lot of time to get in the right frame. The actress is not often put on public display candid shots, but because the photo in bikini made a splash among fans of the famous actress.

      On 27 October last year, the star of the series “father’s daughter” Daria Melnikova for the first time became a mother. Her husband, actor Arthur Smolyaninovu, she gave adorable son. It is noteworthy that the boy was born on the birthday of his famous father.

      Just two months after giving birth Melnikov returned to work in the home theater Yermolova. Daria knew in advance that there will be on maternity leave for a long time and soon will return to rehearsals. Now the actress decided to take a trip to Italy. Now microblogging Melnikova is full of colorful photos of Venice. The actress started on the vacation and has published the swimsuit that made all fans of the star of the series “father’s daughter” a lasting impression.

      “Oh, so good, so bad here with the Internet,” the actress signed a photo in which she poses in front of a mirror in bikini, retro style with Cup of coffee in his hands.

      Fans could not help but respond to such a bold frame Darya. The actress almost not hold such images, so to see a young mom in a swimsuit fans ever. They admired the toned figure of the actress and wished a good holiday.

      “Oh, Oh, Oh, beauty. Blind!”, “So, wait. Wait! Well, you give! Pride and beauty!”, “And as always your favorite coffee,” wrote the enthusiastic followers of the artist.

      Having received numerous words of admiration, Daria admitted that she had to put a lot of effort in order to impress their fans.

      “Only 40 minutes, and the desired angle is selected,” wrote Melnikov in response to the praise of his followers.

      Daria tries not to expose details of his personal life. Despite the fact that almost 10 months ago, she became a mother, her blog is not full of cute pictures of adorable son, and complaining of the complexities and difficulties faced by many young moms. In the early period of pregnancy, the actress continued to play on stage in two productions, and all colleagues in the area treated her with special attention and care. That Melnikova is expecting a child, the public learned for a couple of months before the birth. Darya Melnikova and Artur Smolyaninov: a love story, the secret wedding and pregnancy

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