«Бабушка» гимнастики Оксана Чусовитина блистает в Рио ради Тома Круза 41-year-old athlete is participating in his seventh Olympics. Oksana Chusovitina performed for the first time at the Games in the Soviet era. After the Soviet collapse, the woman went to the national team of Uzbekistan. However, serious illness of the son at the beginning of the 2000s brought gymnast to Germany. Team woman was also represented at the Olympics.

      «Бабушка» гимнастики Оксана Чусовитина блистает в Рио ради Тома Круза

      41-year-old gymnast Oksana Chusovitina participated in Olympic games for the seventh time. Usually at this age the athletes are already coming retirement. Rivals many women are surprised that she’s still technically jumping over the buck and performs at such significant sporting tournaments. Oksana even called “grandma” gymnastics, as none of the previous generations of athletes after the age of 40 did not set world records. Chusovitina herself believes that is no different from young athletes: like them, she trains hard and zarabyvaet their evaluation.

      Oksana started her sports career in the USSR, and in Barcelona in 1992, has already won gold in the team competition in the United team. After the collapse of the Soviet Union Chusovitina went on to play for Uzbekistan, where she came from.

      In the early 2000s, a woman was married to a fellow wrestler Bakhodir Kurbanov. They had a son Alisher, who doctors later diagnosed with leukemia. The home of the Champions on a strong jump physicians were not engaged in treatment of such diseases. The family decided to move to Germany to save the life of a child. Oksana and her husband sold the condo and two cars and went abroad.

      However, money from the sale of property is not enough for treatment and medicines for Alisher. Chusovitina began competing for the sports club from Cologne, who helped her with the loan. After several stories in the air European TV channels about the tragedy in the family of gymnasts from all around the world have begun to transfer funds to Oksana. The boy managed to cure. Now 17-year-old heir to a famous gymnast plays football and is pleased with the success of his mother.

      «Бабушка» гимнастики Оксана Чусовитина блистает в Рио ради Тома Круза

      In 2008, Chusovitina got to the Olympic games in Beijing in the German national team. She won for the country silver medal in the vault. As a reward from Germany’s Chusovitina received 7,000 euros. In 2012, Oksana returned to his home in Uzbekistan, and then went to represent the country at the Games in London.

      Speaking on the achievements, Chusovitina sneers and says that their sporting successes she owes Tom cruise.

      “I have on the wall hangs a portrait of Tom cruise. Because I really like it. I look at him every day and think what I must look young. If the day ever meet him, I should not be too old,” admitted Chusovitina.

      In 2015, Oksana won the world Cup and got a kind of ticket to the Games in Rio, although after London, she wanted to end his career. For all the speeches, the gymnast earned a few serious injuries: she was twice damaged muscles of the shoulders, which had to bolt, but was also torn Achilles tendon. Despite this, the woman continues to fight for the gold medal in Brazil.

      “I don’t know how I do it. I guess I just really love sports. Yes, someone calls me grandma, but at competitions we are all equal. No matter how old you are — 17 or 40, so I try not to think about it. I really want to finish my career, playing for the country in which I grew up,” Chusovitina told reporters kp.ru.

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