Игорь Петренко вывел в свет подросшую дочь Russian actor appeared with the successor on the stage of the festival “Constellation”, which ended in Orel. Little Sophia-Caroline obediently sat at his father until he spoke. With dad the girl was awarded one of the prizes of the show.

      Игорь Петренко вывел в свет подросшую дочь

      Russian actor Igor Petrenko came to the closing ceremony of the international film festival “Constellation-2016” in eagle. A movie star was his eight month old daughter, Sophia Caroline. The girl and her father were awarded the prize in the category “Best female debut”. The statuette went to Maria Korovina, who played in the film “Guard” by Alexander Proshkin.

      Fans noticed that the heiress Petrenko has grown significantly. Igor and his wife Christine Brody, with whom they secretly got married, not for the first time taking Sophia Carolina society events. Some time ago, the family attended the wedding of friends, along with her daughter.

      By the way, “StarHit” first learned about the christening of Sofia-Carolina, held in St. Petersburg. The family chose the Church of the Dormition, located on the embankment of Lieutenant Schmidt. According to father Igor Petrenko Peter V., the heiress behaved very well during the ceremony. Sofa kept molodchinki. Conduct in humility for an hour for a small child is no easy task. However, it worked fine, never even cried. Generally grows very interesting girl, a little Flirty,” said the grandfather of Sophia Carolina.

      Recall that on the novel of Igor Petrenko and Kristina Brodsky became known in 2014. Their relationship developed very rapidly. Before Igor fell in love with the girl he was married to actress Ekaterina Klimova and Christine had an affair with Artem Krylov. At the end of 2014, the public learned that Petrenko and Brodskaya was born a daughter. The pair could not decide what to call the successor.

      A new family of Igor Petrenko: a young wife and the birth of his daughter

      “There were two options, of which did not get to choose. I wanted to call Caroline and Igor – Sofia. In the end found a compromise. Sofia Carolina is very similar to me because like my dad. And yet, we are both Mazeroski, and both were born in the year of the Horse,” said Brodsky in an interview.

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