The teacher learned Braille for blind students

Педагог выучил шрифт Брайля ради незрячей студентки Vladimir Avdonin went to such lengths that his student has achieved a great success. The girl helped the teacher to learn the alphabet. Now he can check the work of Oksana Osadchaya, handwritten.
Педагог выучил шрифт Брайля ради незрячей студентки

At this step, the French teacher, national research UNIVERSITY “HSE” Vladimir Avdonin decided to improve the quality of homework your student, Oksana Osadchaya.

“The girl is learning from me for three years – says the “StarHit” Vladimir. She is a very motivated student. Listens carefully to the lectures if something is unclear, asks. Job always delivers on time. Prints them on the computer and I could not figure out how to mark errors in the text. And then came the idea: “why not learn Braille?” Oksana volunteered to help.

The letters I remembered in the division.

They were my ward. Every lesson we repeated the location of the points, the combination of which denotes a certain letter. If I was wrong, she boldly corrected me. Oksana had no doubt that I will succeed! Basically, we met after school or at lunchtime. At home, I repeated the alphabet and practiced writing, using a special stencil.

Braille mastered in six months. Of course, it was possible to meet for less time. But Oksana was preparing a term paper, and I was approaching session. Colleagues did not immediately know about my new hobby. But some have seen my notebooks in teaching, wondered: “It’s Braille?” Now you can check Oxanine work written by hand.

My students make a good teacher. Her ability to find the approach, tact, anyone can learn! Now I can ask her, as with the rest of the guys! It motivates students”.