Mr. Bean will again become a father at 62

Мистер Бин снова станет отцом в 62 года
Friend of Rowan Atkinson soon bear him their first child.

Rowan Atkinson and Louise Ford


actor Rowan Atkinson, whom viewers will remember most for his role as Mr.
Bina, intrigued. According to the information appeared, it will soon become
father. This became known after the paparazzi managed to shoot a friend
62-year-old actor and 33-year-old Louise Ford is already a very solid stomach.

said one of the friends of the actor, Rowan and Louise are entirely happy with
looking forward to the appearance of the child who should be born after the New
Year. For a friend of the actor this will be the first child. But for Rowan – third:
he has two children from his previous marriage, Ben and Lily. Moreover, the son of Rowan
only 10 years younger than Louise, which, it is claimed, soon after
the birth of a child, becomes the lawful wife of Atkinson senior.

As for the wives
actor, he divorced in 2014. Although in his statement the couple stated,
as the reason for divorce, “irreconcilable differences”, almost no one
no doubt, it was that Atkinson had made a serious affair with Louise
Ford. With her he met in 2012, when both participated in the staging of the play
on the stage of a theatre in the West end. And for Louise, actor, without flinching,
refused marriage with the once beloved Sonitrol, the mother of his
children, with whom he lived for 25 years. After the divorce, Rowan moved in with Louise and they
settled in the actor’s house in North London