The star of “Our house” Nelly Kornienko struggling with a serious illness

Звезда «Нашего дома» Нелли Корниенко борется с тяжелой болезнью The actress can’t get out of bed and is under the constant supervision of a nurse. Now Nelly Kornienko lives with his daughter and grandson, but a small pension is not enough for medication.
Звезда «Нашего дома» Нелли Корниенко борется с тяжелой болезнью

Actress Nelly Kornienko was incredibly popular in the 70-ies. She played in film and theater, and in 1974 was even awarded the title of people’s artist of the RSFSR. However, with age, the star has become less likely to appear on the big screens and social events.

In the program “the Stars aligned” employee social Fund Dmitry Vlasov has told how she now lives the favorite of millions.

“Nellie Ivanovna lives well, but the drug has no money. She has Parkinson’s disease, she couldn’t talk at all. One day she fell, broke her hip, but coped with the problem. Now it can sit. Her daughter rents an apartment, lives with her son Kolya. Nelly can not do without nurses, and it costs 1,000 rubles a day,” said Dmitry.
Звезда «Нашего дома» Нелли Корниенко борется с тяжелой болезнью

According to the man, his charitable organization is trying to help the honored artist. Despite the terrible diagnosis, Nellie Ivanovna has not lost clarity. She understands what is happening around, talking with former students, colleagues, and relatives. However, with each passing month it’s getting worse.

The words of Dmitry Vlasov confirmed by the nurse Kornienko, which is next to it almost every day. The woman noted that only for medicine takes almost all pensions of the people’s artist. Now the actress is receiving monthly payments in the amount of fourteen thousand.

“Colleagues in the theatre and bought her an orthopedic bed. It requires only medication and eight thousand per month. Certain pills need to be taken nine times a day. She may at any time be attack. It depends on the excitement, the weather, the mood,” – said the nurse.
Звезда «Нашего дома» Нелли Корниенко борется с тяжелой болезнью

Presenter Oskar Kuchera noted that Nelly Kornienko is the owner of a chic five-room apartment in the center of Moscow. It is suggested to think about selling real estate, because the money to ensure a decent old age for the celebrated actress. However, the representative of social services immediately refused this option. According to the man, the movie star has already promised this property to your children and grandchildren as an inheritance.

In addition to social workers and relatives of Nelli Kornienko visit the students that she once taught theater arts.