Son of George Vine: “I decided to follow the advice Kirkorov”

Сын Юрия Лозы: «Я решил последовать совету Киркорова» At the end of the second week of the show the channel STS “Success” Opera singer and teacher left the project. Oleg Loza admitted that they do not upset his care and full of plans for the future. In addition, the actor spoke about the relationships and reactions to creativity Purulent.
Сын Юрия Лозы: «Я решил последовать совету Киркорова»

Over the weekend on STS channel launched the show “Success”. One of the participants of the program was the Opera singer Oleg Loza, the son of the executor of the hit “the Raft”. 31-year-old artist decided to apply for a casting and got into the final four. During the conversation with the leading Vera Brezhneva Oleg admitted that the father was aware of his plans. “A role model for me. We do not compare. He is not against to try itself in new quality”, — shared the artist. The vine managed to impress the audience, but at the end of the second week he had to leave gear. “StarHit” learn from the Vines that gave him the participation in the project, as well as the attitude of the experts show.

The singer said that was casting on a common basis. “It’s not that someone brought and said, “Take it.” Just came to a certain time and proslushal. Everything…” — says Oleg. He also admitted that he is not disappointed in his participation in the show.

“I was pleased to go on stage and perform in front of an audience. I believe that the jury expressed their opinion. I liked the point of view of Philip Bedrosovich. It was nice to hear it. And so everyone shared what he thinks. Do not feel about it any negative or positive emotions. I took their position and all, — said the singer “StarHit”. — I will monitor the progress of boys, which I know is Alina, Masha Dan. Actually, I’m not so much interested in the process of monitoring show much personality. If I know someone will support”.
Сын Юрия Лозы: «Я решил последовать совету Киркорова»

According to Oleg, each of the participants of the show are interesting. He was pleased to learn that in Russia there are many talented and promising artists. “They can cool to sing, to show up and do it at a decent level. I loved being in that atmosphere,” he told the Vine. In the framework of the project Oleg took part in fights with other artists.

Сын Юрия Лозы: «Я решил последовать совету Киркорова» “I’m not competing and don’t like such component in art. I understand that one can appreciate who has had a greater impact on the audience. But in my understanding, the competition for vocal and pop culture — are incompatible. However I understand that sometimes there are such situations which should be taken, but internally, I oppose them. When I went on stage, I didn’t want anyone battleatsea. But I was given the task. In both cases, when I had fights, I just went on stage and sang, it’s part of my job, the terms of which may vary. If part of the audience do not like it — their right, my goal is to make a beautiful show and please the audience”, — said the Vine.

Speaking about the rap artist, Purulent, or composed of experts became the reason for heated discussions on the Network, Oleg admitted that he is familiar with his work. However, it has not caused the Vines are strong emotions.

“I looked at what he was doing, quite a bit, it’s not my type of music… If the project would have been some singers, it would be strange, but in a show of participating artists of different directions, in particular, Valera Tököl, with whom I had a battle, he’s a rapper. It seems to me that singers can’t judge hip-hop artists, for example, I do not really understand the laws of the genre. Knows as Purulent. So it works well for their audience. He knows what is rap,” says the artist.
Сын Юрия Лозы: «Я решил последовать совету Киркорова»

According to the artist, he knows what battles, make famous Purulent, but is not a fan of them. “I don’t like when people swear. I in life is not love, but when such language is used in public… Art can be created without swear words. There’s enough unpleasant things. I want to see on stage everything was beautiful — and the words and looks, and performance,” explained Vine.

Their participation in the project Oleg compares with an unusual experiment. The contractor frequently performs in the Opera and vocal show was for him a step in the direction of pop music.

Сын Юрия Лозы: «Я решил последовать совету Киркорова» “I wanted to expand my audience. But there is another audience and a different option to feed themselves. I’m thinking to try himself in the genre crossover (style, representing a mix of different directions in music — Approx.) as said Philip Bedrosovich. Now I’m working on repertoire, creatively to this issue. I plan to perform in theatres and to take part in the academic competition. Everything as before, that the planned development of the creative personality” — said the artist.
Сын Юрия Лозы: «Я решил последовать совету Киркорова»

As for favorite pop singers Oleg, from the point of view of music he likes Maroon 5, sting and Tom Jones, and vocally, the singer prefers Josh will Groban. “I would like to do something like that, it suits my voice,” said Vine.

In the future, the singer does not exclude the opportunity to try their hand at vocal show. “If invited, I will go. Not to win, but to speak to the public,” he said. Moreover, relatives of Oleg Vines unconcerned about his activities and try to maintain.

“Made well — made well — even better. It turned out a little worse — that’s okay, everything will turn out another time, — the man told about the reaction of relatives. They watched the broadcasts “Success”, were quite pleased… In fact, we especially do not discuss it. I do my job, and the parents of their own. Being a Mature performer, I know what mistakes. If we talk about the evaluation of others, I prefer to rely on the opinion of the spouses”.

The wife of Oleg Vines — the British Opera singer Hannah Bradbury. “She supports me every day. This time was no exception. She couldn’t make it to the shooting, but that did not stop me to feel her support. Even if it doesn’t come to my show, I always feel her presence close in my thoughts, in my singing, everything,” said the artist.

Сын Юрия Лозы: «Я решил последовать совету Киркорова»