Успех или провал? Диана Крюгер в «канадском смокинге»

One of the most stylish stars of our time appeared in public in a controversial outfit, which consisted of the main trend things of a season spring-summer 2016.

Diane Kruger has repeatedly topped the lists of most well-dressed celebrities. In addition, most of the fashion critics confidently referred the actress to the echelon of modern style icons. She’s got a lot to learn: for example, to have basic things to create out of nothing an image in the style boho or a mix of colors and prints.

Love her designers, including Karl Lagerfeld, known for his cantankerous nature and a keen sense of beauty. In General Diane Kruger good track record in the fashion failures, she had not been noticed. However, even such a fashion icon not always perfect, because in her wardrobe that sometimes occur quite controversial outfits.

One such controversial cases was the denim total look, in which Diana was spotted at the airport in Berlin. Paparazzi captured the actress in an unusual set consisting of voluminous denim jacket, flared jeans and vests. Star complements the image of the beloved black cap, a pair of sunglasses in retro style and white sneakers.

Not so long ago, if some girl, even famous, would come out into the light in a similar attire, it would have immediately betrayed anathema fashionable and ridiculed. This is not surprising: the “canadian tuxedo” (popularly called the denim total look) has long been considered a nonsense and a sign of bad taste. In the season spring-summer 2016 denim has become one of the most important and greatest trends! So the choice of outfit Diane Kruger absolutely no surprise – the actress has always been famous for her love to fashion experiments.

In fairness it should be noted that many fashion trends were once bad manners. Take the combination of socks and open shoes! So while we will not write off the “canadian tuxedo” from the accounts!

Do you like the outfit of Diane Kruger?

  • Very! Long wanted to wear a denim total look!
  • The outfit is just awful! The taste of the Kruger national Park is beginning to disappoint me.
  • I do not see anything wrong with the costume, but I’d picked up the jacket and other jeans.
  • I am generally against the denim in all its forms!
  • Looks very cool, but to afford this outfit, maybe only someone like Diane Kruger.

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