Боня вышла в свет платье как у Джулии Робертс

On showing his new collection the presenter appeared elegant in a long dress in peas – exactly the same 20 years ago, Roberts starred in the movie “Pretty woman.

Remember the outfit of the heroine Julia Roberts from the movie “Pretty woman” in which she appeared at the races? Elegant brown dress large white dots… Then, in the 90s, after the film’s release, this image has become a real trend. And now, after almost 26 years, Victoria Bonya has revived the former fashion.

The TV presenter appeared in a long blue dress with white polka dots at the launch of his new spring-summer collection, designed specifically for the brand D Angelann.

“To develop this collection took a long time, – shared Victoria with Woman’s Day. I have been up images, think how to create a universal thing for girls with different body types. To create images of the feminine, which every girl will feel like a goddess”.

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The collection really was very feminine and bright. Luxury long dress to the floor white, turquoise, yellow and other bright colors. This collection for those girls who are not trying to hide in the crowd, they feel confident when the eye of others confined to their courageous way. New things developed for girls with different types of shapes: they help to hide the shortcomings and emphasize the dignity of every fashionista.

There were 30 bows, some of them on the podium were not professional models, and friends the hero of the occasion – Evelina Bledans and the participant “House-2” Victoria romanet. Also at the party were seen Katya LEL, Elena borscheva, Inna Zhirkova, Kate Arkharov, Alex Lemar, Nastya Kraynova and others.

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