The stripper told of a night with Mel b and her husband

Стриптизёрша рассказала о ночи, проведённой с Мел Би и её мужем

Divorce British singer Melanie brown and her husband Stephen Belafonte promises to be very interesting. After the wife charges that her husband beat her and forced into Threesome with reporters contacted the woman who had once been in the marital bed, Mel and Stephen. According to dancer-stripper Ciara’s Dandy, that Melanie was the lead in lovemaking, not Belafonte.

Стриптизёрша рассказала о ночи, проведённой с Мел Би и её мужем
“Melanie was the lead in their relationship, it was staring me in the eyes, and Stephen was very gentle. it was very strange,” said Ciara.
They met in 2010, when dancing in a strip club dancer got a sebaceous views of the spouses. Even then it seemed to her that the initiative to offer her a Threesome was expressed by Melanie. They booked a private dance, and, contrary to the rules of the club began to undress her. Then intervened the protection of the club, Recalling that this is unacceptable.

When the morning Ciara left the workplace, she was approached by the guards Melanie and Stephen, and invited him to go to a range Rover. Dianda herself was not against such initiatives and joined them in their games.
“Melanie – beautiful body. This whole situation was a little strange, but I was blown away by adrenaline. I’ve always been a fan of the Spice Girls, so for me it was unreal adventure” — said Ciara. According to strippers, Mel b fast asleep on their big bed, leaving Stefan and dancer alone.
“It was not against, but her husband was gentle and courteous with me. A real gentleman,” said the dancer.
Hearing that Melanie filed for divorce from her husband, and even accused him of forced sex Threesome. Ciara was very upset after learning about the disorder in their family and hopes that the couple will still be able to find common ground and make peace.