Father of Olga Buzova accused her of hypocrisy after the terrorist attack in St. Petersburg

Отец Ольги Бузовой обвинил её в лицемерии после слов о теракте в Петербурге

A week ago in the cultural capital of St. Petersburg there was a terrible accident in the subway sdetaniroval explosive device mutilated the subway car, injuring dozens of people and taking the lives of more than ten residents. In the domestic media space, probably not found the man who would not have reacted to the news of the terrorist attack. Social network messages filled with words of condolences to the victims and their loved ones. One of the first to respond Olga Buzova. In Instagram, the TV presenter wrote words of support and stated that grieves with them. However, after the star published a promotional post, which praised “the crazy glasses”. The followers of the star of “House-2” was shocked by the cynicism and greed Buzova, noting that when the country is mourning, “not the time to cut the loot.”

Of course, not to respond to the accusations Buzova could not. Olga wrote that she did everything to honor the memory of the dead and all victims a speedy recovery. Buzova visited the Church where lit candles and prayed that all was adjusted. According to star, her example had many to follow, instead of having to sit online and blame her: “Called all my relatives in St. Petersburg. Just arrived at the Church lit candles for peace and for the health of those injured in this inhuman act. Heart breaks from what has happened. People just went about their business and such… I would like to say to some people — you need not grieve on social networks,offending others, and for example to go to Church or pray for the victims and this is not necessarily to write, you are forced to do this after a huge number of insults in my address… it is important what is inside us… Be kinder.”

However, this scandal is not over. Following this post, where Olga admits that “he calls us all”, her father caught daughter hypocrisy. It turns out that Buzova called everybody except their families, in particular mothers, fathers, grandmothers: “Olga, all called? And mom and dad, and grandma? So I live a five minute walk from “Tehnoloski” if I remember”, wrote Igor Buzov was in the comments to the post daughters. These words Olga did not answer.