VIN Diesel for the first time commented on the conflict with Dwayne Johnson

Вин Дизель впервые прокомментировал конфликт с Дуэйном Джонсоном

The closer to the premiere of the eighth part of the racing franchise “fast and furious”, the more and more often in the media you can find reports of differences in the team of actors involved in the movie. In particular it applies to performers of leading roles – VIN Diesel and Dwayne Johnson. Based on what the conflict, no one speaks. This situation actors generally try not to comment and to shy away from answering any questions.

However, media without review Diesel and Johnson can guess where the Shoe pinches. Journalists believe that conflict actors could relate to the assessment of their importance to frachise. On the one hand, the fast and the furious it is hard to imagine without the participation of VIN Diesel, and Dwayne Johnson is much more popular actor. If Diesel excluding conditional roles in “Guardians of the Galaxy” keeps their old franchises such as “Three x’s”, “fast & Furious” and “Riddick”, “the Rock” regularly launches new.

In the end, VIN Diesel tired of the constant gossip on this subject, and he finally talked about the differences with a colleague.

“It seems to me that the world does not quite understand how we in fact close in a certain sense, says Diesel. – I believe that some of the stories were just wildly inflated. I am sure that it was not my goal. And I know that he shows great respect to my work on the development of the franchise. In my house he was and still is the Uncle of Dwayne”the.

Reporters were quick to clarify whether in fact the relationship between Diesel and Johnson. That’s what VIN said to reporters: “always, always, Always. I was always rooting for Dwayne. I’m the first to multicultural Hollywood Megastar. To me they did not exist. To see how rising new multicultural star, a true pleasure. I was always rooting for Dwayne”.

However, disagreement on the set of “fast & Furious” Diesel explained quite simply: the actor has called himself “the Rock” with two alpha males who always have a hard time in the Commons.

Recall that the adventure Thriller “fast and furious 8”, which the plot should give a start to a new trilogy, will be released on April 13, 2017.