The story of the deceased in Italy, the Russians shocked Europe

История погибшей в Италии россиянки шокировала Европу 27-year-old Catherine died from exhaustion. A few days after this sad event her mother threw into the sea the suitcase with the body of her daughter. More than a week ago found him in one of the Italian ports. At the moment there is an investigation into the incident.

      История погибшей в Италии россиянки шокировала Европу

      March 25, in the port of Rimini found a suitcase with the body of a girl wrapped in a package. After some time, this shocking story appeared in the center of attention of journalists, who shared with the public details of the incident. The deceased was 27-year-old Russian Ekaterina received in Italy residence permit. The girl’s mother threw the bag with her body in the sea.

      Italian police have not found the Russians on the body of signs of violent death, so they believe the girl died as a result of depletion. After she had died, her mother a few days kept the corpse of the daughter of the house. It is also reported that at the moment of death weight Catherine reached 35 pounds. According to correspondents for a long time she suffered from anorexia and repeatedly came to the hospital with this diagnosis.

      История погибшей в Италии россиянки шокировала Европу

      Mother Catherine 48 years, she worked in Italy as a nurse. Journalists reported that she had already confessed to the crime. About this, as the local media, it became known from the words of other women. He said that she called him and told everything. According to the Italian correspondents, the Rimini Prosecutor’s office opened a case on the facts of the abandonment of an incapacitated person and attempts to hide the corpse. In the case that the blame mother Catherine recognized that she faces a prison term.

      Note also that after the death of the girl, which occurred in early March, her mother returned to Russia. According to journalists, the woman hiding in Ufa. The mother Catherine claims that were in a state of shock.

      “She died. I looked at her body for a few days, I just went crazy. I put the body in a suitcase and threw it into the sea” – quoted by the mother of a victim of anorexia Russian journalists.

      In turn, the father of Catherine said that she looked very depressed. According to the man, the girl could affect the grandmother, has a peculiar character. “She cried constantly. Maybe because of this, her illness, anorexia, has begun. Mother-in-law there is inadequate,” he told reporters.

      At the same time, a friend of Catherine said she wanted to start a modeling career. According to Aigul, in the first year her friend is not fond of diets. A few years later the girl suddenly start to restrict your diet to lose weight. “When we talked to her, she said: eat an Apple, a carrot, drink water” – quoted by Aigul REN TV.