Evgeni Plushenko will make Adelina Sotnikova to lose weight

Евгений Плющенко заставит Аделину Сотникову похудеть The man became the official coach of young athletes. Now Evgeny Plushenko intends to Adelina Sotnikova lead to new victories. Plans for the near future figure skater shared at a press conference.

      Евгений Плющенко заставит Аделину Сотникову похудеть

      Today, the fifth of April in Moscow hosted the opening of the school of Olympic champion Evgeni Plushenko Angels of Plushenko. In honor of the joyous event the celebrity has collected a press-conference where has told about the work of the institution, showed the speech of the first disciples and revealed details of cooperation with the new ward, known for the games in Sochi, Adelina Sotnikova.

      Recently the General public has become aware that instead of Elena Buyanova train a girl will be Plushenko. The news caused a wide resonance among the public, so most of the questions at interview was associated with this. Eugene told reporters that the decision to start the cooperation was mutual and with the previous coach champion remained in a good relationship.

      “Adelina Sotnikova is ready to plow, ready to work. It’s her choice. No one I didn’t take it. We’re not going on one year. Called the choreographer from Canada – tomorrow to discuss her work. Will change the Adaline technique will lose weight. The important thing is that she wants to train”, – said Plushenko.

      Besides, the man stressed that he is not trying to advance at the expense of the well-known student. He believes that hard work will help the girl to return to the front ranks of skaters and is willing to support, as personally passed this difficult path.

      “Working with Adelina is not a PR stunt. I don’t need PR. She rides at my school for two weeks. Soon begin production programs. She’s not in the rankings. I’ve been there too. The main thing – to work. Adelina still young. I did 34 years served,” – said at a press conference Champ.

      Correspondents also asked why the celebrity has decided to end his own career and help to move to novice skaters. It turned out that Plushenko have long thought about retiring from the big sport – he’s tired. Now the man is much more fun to see how the Champions are young talents, including his son Alexander. “I’m tired. Ate. Before needed adrenaline. Now this is not necessary. And all of a sudden again injury. 15 operations enough to retire. Thank you Yana, which I have always supported”.

      Interestingly, Dwarf Gnomic as it is affectionately called the star parents have already achieved some success. He, along with other pupils of the school takes part in the fabulous show of the Pope.

      “Trains son a lot. Already involved in the choreography. He has a personal trainer, I also train. I am a hard dad and coach, but sometimes you give a carrot. It is already well worth skating. Today, his debut room on the Russian folk melody”, – said Plushenko.