Nyusha desperate to wait for the wedding

Нюша отчаялась ждать свадьбу The singer took to receive an offer hands and hearts of the elect. Only in January Igor Sivov gave Nyusha engagement ring. The artist was overjoyed as it was a real surprise.

      Singer Nyusha soon going to tie his life with the adviser to the President of the International University sports Federation Igor Sivov. Fans of the actress are eagerly waiting for the day when she will go away with the chosen one. Celebrity is recognised that the long-awaited proposal of marriage. However, in the most unexpected moment, the singer heard the sacred words. When Nyusha and Igor went to rest, beloved asked her to marry me.

      “Before the trip there were several moments when I suspected that unable to offer. But since this did not happen, not that I would be upset, most of me is a little bit sobered. Understand that it is not necessary to wait. When happens, it is especially pleasant, it will happen unexpectedly. On that trip I already maximally let go of the thought of marriage, I wanted to feel the relaxation, positive emotions, and words and the ring was a big surprise,” admitted Jane.

      She has told that has already started to pick up a wedding image. She wants to change a few outfits and you will not regret the money for such an exciting day to look perfect. Nyusha has declassified the dress that will marry

      Now Nyusha has not parted with her engagement ring. She constantly touches of decorations. “I guess the way I see it or not, because it is very afraid of losing him. I never got the ring, which would be all day,” justified the artist.

      Despite the fact that Jane and Igor are preparing for a Grand celebration, they have not yet announced a wedding date. Now the artist immersed in work she enjoys with clients in the project “Voice. Children.” She loves working with kids and Teens, to find to everyone the approach. Celebrity tries patiently to explain to them all the questions that arise in rehearsal.

      26-year-old actress is happy that she found someone who will make a great dad for her children, especially because he has two sons. Very Jane has dreams about their own babies.

      “I’m not going against it. I just had to find the right person with whom I’m ready to do it,” the singer admitted in an interview with “Antenna-Telesem”.