The stellar cosmetologist Olga Moroz: “I’m all for natural – not Kohl lips-dumplings”

Звездный косметолог Ольга Мороз: «Я за естественность - не колю губы-пельмени» The specialist said “StarHit”, as it helps celebrities to be transformed. Among the clients of Olga Moroz has many popular TV presenters, Actresses, bloggers and wives respected people.

      Звездный косметолог Ольга Мороз: «Я за естественность - не колю губы-пельмени»

      Maria Pogrebnyak makes beauty a dropper, Anna Kalashnikov reduced a nose, and Polina grents – face. Star beautician Olga Moroz told “StarHit”, as without surgery to change their appearance.

      No matter how you come to your clinic, and you have one celebrity after another. To you ordinary people generally go?
      Звездный косметолог Ольга Мороз: «Я за естественность - не колю губы-пельмени»Anya, of course! And how do we began to come the stars? On the recommendations of their friends, ordinary people. I remember when I opened a Cabinet to me on the advice of friends came Anna Kalashnikova. At first she was just doing peels-cleaning-care, and then mentioned that he would like knees slimmer, even with her delicate thinness, swelling at the knees does not go away. And then we had a course of mesotherapy copyright.—
      Mesotherapy, as far as I know, this involves many injections…
      Звездный косметолог Ольга Мороз: «Я за естественность - не колю губы-пельмени»If quite simply, Yes. In General, this is a very common injection technique for rejuvenation of the skin, due to the introduction of various compounds and biologically active substances. In the case of Anna, we used a draining cocktail that removed the “cushion” below the knee and brought unnecessary stagnant fluid just above the knee, resulting in a beautiful legs turned into perfect. In fact, our clinic treats a lot of girls with similar problems – the figure is great, but I want to really perfect and for this you need only remove fat or swelling in a couple of places – someone’s knees, someone needs to clean up a little bit on the inner thighs, some swelling appeared under my chin and it adds age – we solve all these problems.—
      It turns out, this method can be anything “pohudeti”? And now the stars ask?
      Звездный косметолог Ольга Мороз: «Я за естественность - не колю губы-пельмени»One of the most popular among the stars is our signature treatment the “Slim face”. This composition of herbal preparations displays the intercellular fluid, acting on the subcutaneous fat. Due to this, the face shrinks, it ceases to swell, leaving chin, and even acne and post-acne, the face becomes very clear. After three treatments the effect lasts for the whole year. Stars enthralls the result as the camera loves chiseled, “slender” person. The list of celebrities who come to me for this procedure, just countless.

      Call at least a couple star names which made his slender face. Very interesting!
      Звездный косметолог Ольга Мороз: «Я за естественность - не колю губы-пельмени»Recently we had the stars of the series “Fizruk” Polina grents and Catherine Miller, singer Lena Knyazeva, Oleg Yakovlev from “Simons”, contestant on “the Bachelor” Anna Ustyuzhanina, star of Histograma” Alena Esipova, blogger Maria vey… Some who would like to remain anonymous, I will not be called.

      Too big stars?
      Звездный косметолог Ольга Мороз: «Я за естественность - не колю губы-пельмени»Not only stars, but also the people of political and business circles, their spouses. I can keep a secret, and if the person says not to tell – will not tell anyone. Everyone can have little secrets. Sometimes husbands, for example, needs to know how you stay beautiful and young.—
      But your husband knows everything! After all, Nicholas D. is the CEO of your clinic.
      Звездный косметолог Ольга Мороз: «Я за естественность - не колю губы-пельмени»Of course. Co-founder and General Director of “Clinic of aesthetic medicine Olga Moroz” is my husband Nicholas. It was under his control is organized and operates clinic. I am the second co-founder and as a creative unit, think in terms of other categories. I’m a doctor, sculptor, author techniques, which operates our hospital, under my charge here the best specialists – doctors of the highest category, with extensive experience in Europe. Development and promotion deals with another co-founder of the clinic is Catherine, our daughter, she lives in new York, has a rich experience of the American system of governance and is actively involved in development of the clinic in innovative ways. —
      And your customers like you thank?
      Звездный косметолог Ольга Мороз: «Я за естественность - не колю губы-пельмени»My best gratitude is when I see shiny, happy patients enjoy their beautiful, youthful faces. Many over the years have become my close friends. As for the artists I follow them in social networks, on TV. Sometimes you look and see “here’s the beauty, but the nose, for example, my work”.

      And you the nose can be changed in some way?
      Звездный косметолог Ольга Мороз: «Я за естественность - не колю губы-пельмени»“Non-surgical nose job” is the number one treatment on a par with the “Slim face”. It come to not only the residents of the city of Moscow, but also near and far abroad. A lot of patients from USA, Switzerland, France, Monaco and England. By the way, Victoria Bonya was brought to me on the procedure my friend. The girls were so impressed, I even shot a video on this subject, to show the world what is possible with a few injections can make the nose smaller, and even change its shape. Anya Kalashnikova, for example, did not like her nasal tip. But for the sake of such trifles under the knife don’t lie. The other day she came to me, and we can easily deal with this problem in one procedure. —
      Explain to me, as a layman, making this possible? Here at the knees, I understand there fatty tissue. And how “out” nose?
      Звездный косметолог Ольга Мороз: «Я за естественность - не колю губы-пельмени»For anybody not a secret: your nose grows your whole life. And if he is by nature fine and broad age he is still growing and expanding. And owner become visible to these changes. According to statistics, about 57% of people aged 24 to 58 are not satisfied with their nose. They are all our potential patients.

      It’s like a rhinoplasty?
      Звездный косметолог Ольга Мороз: «Я за естественность - не колю губы-пельмени»Yeah, only in my opinion, better. The patient himself is involved in the creative process, instead of being asleep under General anesthesia, because in this case, it is not known whether the result… by the Way, many patients comes after a failed rhinoplasty. In our case, we “try on” the desired shape with the help markup and in 20-30 minutes can already see the first transformation. And it happens by injecting the mezokokteyley, biologics due to what is the reduction in subdermal layer in problem areas – the tip, width, volume, size, wings of the nose. We do not remove the fatty layer and bring it to normal by removing interstitial fluid – that is, the water is no longer accumulated, and the nose becomes smaller and neater. And sometimes even a bit of “custom”. The number of procedures individually. For example, Anya Kalashnikova, just one procedure, and others, who have by nature a large nose, you need 2-3 sessions. And for those who want to get rid of a small hump, straighten asymmetry, there is a wonderful procedure “Sculpture of the nose”, also the injection, where in one visit you can get a flat nose. —
      And there are such patients, who are asked to do, for example, well, very big lips? And you understand that it will be ugly, but the client really wants. In this case, the right thing to do?
      Звездный косметолог Ольга Мороз: «Я за естественность - не колю губы-пельмени»I’m all for natural and all my doctors too. We are not going to take that huge lip-dumplings, or cheekbones, like Malificent. I always encourage women: don’t overdo! The most valuable beauty – natural! On the contrary, I often have to extract from the lips of excess gel, and patients are very thankful then when they look natural. But there are also rare cases when by nature your lips very plump. By the way, here recently there was a case atypical. Came to me Alla Dovlatov and said: “All say I have unnatural lips. Reduce me, Olga”. And she has her own. But went to the meeting, and with a few injections of the upper lip was programirovanie and narrowed.—
      You talk about patients, and I understand that they are all different ages. And when should I start doing cosmetic procedures? I have girl friends discussing what, like, early 30 it is better not to start…
      Звездный косметолог Ольга Мороз: «Я за естественность - не колю губы-пельмени»So many myths around cosmetics! I will now dispel. To begin with, it’s much easier to prevent skin problems, premature aging, than to save its youth and tone of the face. Girls from 18-20 years old I would recommend a light nutritious mezokokteyli for young skin. Do not think that if you prick yourself something, your skin is now permanently dependent on injections. It’s all spread by ignorant people. Actually punctures the course of two to three treatments of the same Protocol, you just eliminate the effects of the environment, eliminate the fatigue of skin, dark circles under the eyes, fill it with the desired moisture from the inside. Cream-that are only on the top layer, not bringing to the desired location of important components. At this age, you can do peels, like actress Anna Khilkevich – it comes to us on your favorite almond peeling making the face even more Shine. 28-year-old girls have to deal with prevention of age-related changes. You can advance to prevent the development of facial wrinkles. We used to wrinkle the forehead, nose, actively raise eyebrows – that there are formed the first folds. But with the help of painless injections can make you forget about unnecessary movements and facial expressions – it does not mean that from now on you will blink and not take a brow – a good specialist will do everything so that nobody will notice the difference, and you will cease to bother those “crow’s feet”. But already 30-35 years I recommend the fillers, which fill lost volume, Botox injections, in the case 35-40 years – masonite, thread lifting. It is also bezoperatsionnye techniques that allow the person not to succumb to the ptosis, gravity. Look at my beautiful patient Rose Sabitova. And she admits that she is over 50, and how amazing she looks today!

      Rose told me that comes to you and completely in your hands, without even asking the names of the procedures.
      Звездный косметолог Ольга Мороз: «Я за естественность - не колю губы-пельмени»So. She trusts me completely. And I never it unnecessary and advise. Rosa did I recently bioreinforcement is a very effective procedure in which vylivaetsya the composition, creating though an invisible skeleton face, forcing the muscles to catch up and stay in place. She came to the mesotherapy of the body. This is when for about two months once a week the whole body is pierced by composition with herbal ingredients that improve the skin, remove cellulite, roughness, sagging. And the result lasts about one and a half years. Rose always goes to our massage – we have excellent specialists that support back health.

      That is, you and beauty from the inside out do.
      How do you think beauty is? First and foremost, on the health of the organism as a whole. And, thank God, now it has become fashionable to monitor the health, to get tested. As a qualified doctor, I always recommend patients to get tested, not just random, they pick up program for face and body, but on the basis of history. Many clients I recommend a course of b-IVS. For example, the designer Maria Pogrebnyak – the wife of footballer Pavel Pogrebnyak – systematically come. She is the mother of three children and she is very much of his time to children and work that requires concentration and attention. We picked for her a vitamin, which strengthens the composition. In the end, Mary remained incredibly pleased with the effect.