46-year-old Dmitry Malikov is preparing for the birth of a son

46-летний Дмитрий Маликов готовится к рождению сына
The singer made the Frank admission.

Dmitry Malikov

Photo: scene from “million dollar Secret”

Dmitry Malikov surprised his fans with an unexpected confession. It turns out the singer in all preparing to become a father of a boy. The wife of 46-year-old artist — Elena is not yet in position, but the couple is actively working to birth a son. “I want a son and we are moving towards this goal!” — Dmitry confessed in the show “the Secret to a million.”

By the way, as it turned out, some time ago Malikov concealed the birth of a granddaughter. It turned out that the eldest daughter of his wife — Olga, not so long ago for the first time became a mother. Kudryavtseva rushed to congratulate the newly minted grandfather.

And at some point we were talking about a possible pregnancy of the daughter of Dmitry — Stephanie. Lera asked on the subject of personal life, the young star of the Internet. “Here Stesha, for example, will come and say: “Dad, I’m pregnant!” What will you do?” asked Kudryavtseva. Malikov said that while his 16-year-old daughter exclusively Platonic relationship with her man to 18 years, he denies the possibility of pregnancy Stephanie. With the boyfriend of the daughter, who is older than her by two years, he knew personally. The artist is not shy about talking with the heiress about relationships with men. Most importantly, says Dmitry, in such a situation to explain to a child that in a hurry with serious novels are not worth it.