Star wars: Fugitive ran into a stylist, and he replied

Звездные войны: Летучая наехала на стилиста, а тот ответил

Leading “Revizorro” accused her stylist incompetence, he told her all about her rudeness.

Recently it became known about the return of Lena in the program “Revizorro” as as the leading. Fans were insanely happy, Flying just the master to bring to light the negligent employees. Apparently, to support his title of champion for the truth, the star decided to talk about their own problems with Amateurs and posted in the microblog warning about the stylist, cooperation with which has brought her trouble. But the guy in side was left and answered.

It all started with the fact that Lena has posted in Instagram a photo with the would-be worker and wrote about the misadventures she had to face:

“Please pay attention to this post of all the designers and people in the field of beauty! This man, Ivan John, worked with me, took my clothes from designers and showrooms!

1. I urge you not to give him clothes under my name.

2. If he’s already got his clothes under my name and have not returned, please contact my assistant Natalia.

3. I do not advise as a specialist. Calls himself a stylist, but nothing to do. Regularly tore me shooting and has proved not from the best side!”

Contrary to expectations, the opinions of fans of the star divided. Some supported the Lena, others were disappointed in its action. Yes, maybe the employee was so-so, but why condemn a guy on the Internet?

When the publication of the star saw Ivan himself, could not resist and wrote everything that thinks of it:

“Long thought, should I reply to this wonderful post Elena Flying about me or not… decided to write a few lines.

Start with the fact that the clothes in the name of Helen to take, because the clothes just do not give. And to once again not to be sent to our esteemed presenter of the year, you often had to appear in the show-room when there were no people responsible for PR.

In General, to dress our esteemed TV presenter, style icon, star of all the Russias, talent and sense of taste you do not need. Dress the TV presenter of the year. It is enough to have only hands, who will carry out the Express shipping the fact that Elena chose herself. Only then have to blush and make excuses for a not very good dress or warm beige tights, which even does not produce beloved Helen wolford, and calzedonia was confused. (By the way, just for the fact that she was not given a beige tights 100 den, I was fired.)

Star (as she calls herself Elena) believes that no one should relax when Elena herself works. Quote October 9, Elena just got back from vacation, and I enjoyed the last day of the holiday: “While he’s enjoying a romantic vacation, I have myself dresses to choose?” Given the fact that the dresses were selected, Elena in advance and brought my assistant to the shoot.

In General, you know, this is the eternal problem that such stars-Peresvet, style icon and TV presenters. It seems that the entire planet revolves around them.

That they are the center of the universe. They can calmly take things in the showrooms, and then just write that the stylist GOV*Oh, and send him a couple of times.

I worked with different people. Among them were both famous and ordinary people. But such rudeness and tyranny, I have not met”.

Flying in attack while Ivan did not answer, he gave the media a fragment of his conversation with Lena, in which leading does not mince words. However, fans for the most part I doubt the authenticity of the audio, but there are those who believe that she really fell victim to the star disease. In any case, in this story it is impossible to say who is right and who is wrong.

Knowing Lena, fans assume that just because the matter will not end the militant female revizorro will not give impunity to defame his name and perpetrate disassembly.