Two-year-old heiress Kharlamov painted his portrait

Двухлетняя наследница Харламова нарисовала его портрет Showman delighted with the talent of the baby. Daughter Garik Kharlamov and Kristina Asmus showed how she sees her dad. Star parent touched by the creativity of little Anastasia.

      The daughter of the famous showman Garik Kharlamov and his wife, actress Kristina Asmus Anastasia, where in January it will be three years, became interested in the visual arts. And your creative way the child began with a complex genre – the drawing of portraits. Photo daughter Garik Kharlamov made a lot of noise in the Network

      Anastasia has tried to depict on a piece of paper with their star dad, what brought him into unprecedented enthusiasm and delight. Garik Kharlamov decided to put the creation of the daughters on display than amused their fans. The heiress star couple presented the father in a very original light, however, is characteristic of the artists of her age.

      “Daughter sees me that way. Not far from the truth, even better, belly is gone in the head” – ironically commented on his portrait by Anastasia Harlamova showman.

      Subscribers Garik Kharlamov immediately began to unravel the mystery that is uniquely encrypted in the figure of Anastasia.

      “They are called cephalopods. My daughter so the whole family draws”, “nice picture!”, “The best and most expensive figures!”, “While a small daughter does not lie”, “Knees, the most important, is,” “As similar. She’s got talent,” “baby it’s something. Can’t argue with them”, “the Brain that never fit”, “I wonder what the two strips at the nose? My daughter painted exactly the same, they said that these sticks – neck”, “Garik, she wants to see you silent” – comment on the picture of Anastasia Kharlamova followers.

      The word literally a month ago, Garik Kharlamov and Christina Asmus decided to attach a daughter to another art form – the circus. All the family in full strength attended the show of Zapashny brothers. This output is for little Anastasia was also the first appearance in public.

      Recall that Kristina Asmus and Garik Kharlamov together for several years. The stars got married in 2013. All were surprised at the Union of the actress and star of the Comedy Club, because Garik role of the mischievous revelers, and Christina – the girl serious. However, according to the wife of the showman, at home he behaves differently than in popular Comedy program.