The state of health of Mikhail Zadornov has improved

Состояние Михаила Задорнова улучшилось Satirist recovering from surgery. Zadornov recently had a biopsy of the brain. The celebrity treatment will be very long, so the results are still too early to tell. A source close to Mikhail Nikolayevich told about how he feels.

      In late November, the media reported that the 68-year-old Michael Sazonov treated in one of the best clinics of Germany. Some time ago, the satirist underwent a brain biopsy that doctors could give him an accurate diagnosis. At the moment a celebrity is undergoing rehabilitation after suffering the intervention of medical professionals. Recently, the Network appeared information about how feels a man about it told sources from the environment Zadornov.

      Mikhail Zadornov about his condition: “it’s not as good as we would like”

      “There are people who talk about their illnesses, and there are those that do not. Family of Mikhail Nikolaevich belongs to the second type. Treatment is progressing, his condition improved markedly after the operation. On the second day in intensive care he even could talk. But, because the treatment is long, about results while to speak early” – said the insider to the media.

      Sam Mikhail Zadornov prefers to remain silent about what was happening to him. Star only occasionally commented on his health. Page humorist social networks are updated regularly, but they are mainly compilations of jokes and funny pictures. One of the last entries on the status of the artist, was made in November. In this publication, Zadornov said that he has a lot of new stuff, but due to health he could not present it to the fans. “The live situation was complicated. Ordered a new heavy treatment, with a voltage incompatible. However, they are not cancelled. They will be restored with time. I hope they do more – sure” – shared satirist.

      Recall that in late October, Mikhail Zadornov became ill during a speech at the Moscow concert hall “Meridian”. Journalists reported that the celebrity was urgently hospitalized. However, later the assistant to the comedian told that he never went to the hospital and in a sanatorium. A couple of weeks before the incident Zadornov reported that fighting a serious illness. “It is necessary to treat immediately,” commented the artist, explaining the abolition of the concerts.

      According to journalists, now Zadornov is in the clinic “charité”. Family of Mikhail Nikolaevich tries throughout to support it. They came to Germany to be with the comedian in this difficult time. It is known that the treatment of men will be very long. Wife stars Helen is always beside her husband, reports