Newborn granddaughter Tatyana Vasilyeva growing your daddy

Новорожденная внучка Татьяны Васильевой растет копией папы Actress comic genre became a grandmother for the fourth time about a month ago. Her son Philip and his wife Maria share their photos with a little Myrrh in social networks. Each Vasilyeva and Stanislav Sadalsky believes that the girl is very like her father.

      Daughter Tatyana Vasilyeva Maria Bolonkina gave the actress a fourth granddaughter a little over a month ago. A girl named Myrrh. Happy father Philip and his fiancee share photos baby girl in social networks.

      Friend Tatyana Vasilyeva and Stanislav Sadalsky did a collage of photos of the baby and showed him the page in the social network. He wrote that the newborn are very similar to dad. The same is confirmed by the mother Mirra. Maria managed to compare the the hands of Philip, and daughter, noting that their fingers are very similar.

      “The first photo shoot first granddaughter Tanya Vasilyeva – Myrrh. Not like the legendary grandmother at all, but the switch Mirra dad’s! And this is all star family in the theatrical repertory company, Tanya, Masha and the Fillip Vasilyev. The young mother goes on tour, this is a photo from “Instagram” Mary. Philip’s wife put under the tags – “the best husband, the best mother-in-law,” wrote Sadalsky.

      Recall that Myrrh was born to Philip Vasiliev and his wife Maria on 6 November. First, however, parents have told the public that in their family happened replenishment.

      Only two weeks later, Maria began to share her impressions of motherhood. “Oh, how many frightened, saying how it will be difficult, sleepless, tearful. So far, everything is not about us. Live in harmony, sleep four hours, eat milk, dad smiling and enjoying each other,” wrote a young mother.

      Tatiana Vasilieva tries to make her children and grandchildren in anything they need. According to the artist, she is ready to work as much as you can, because he lives for the sake of the heirs. She does not consider herself an ideal mother, as spent very little time on Philip and Lisa when they were growing up. Now she often call their children and see grandchildren.

      “I’m sick fear, for example. Not even because I was afraid of the pain, no. I’m afraid of what can not work. I don’t want anyone to be a burden, don’t want me someone cared. No! I used that on my hands. I one, I’ve never been able to count,” said the actress in an interview.